Eye on Extremism, July 27, 2016

Counter Extremism Project

Opposing Views: Man Sentenced to 15 Years For Trying To Join ISIS

“A California man was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to join the Islamic State and lying on a passport application, federal officials said. Adam Dandach, 22, was arrested on July 3, 2014 at John Wayne Airport, where he was planning to board a flight to Turkey en route to Syria to join the terrorist group, the Los Angeles Times reported. FBI agents confiscated Dandach’s cell phone, which they said was loaded with songs praising ISIS, maps of ISIS-controlled territory and Twitter updates from the group’s social media accounts. Dandach also posted online under the Twitter handle @Al_Fadi1414, where he engaged in conversations with Islamic activists and used a photo of the U.S. covered by the ISIS flag as his profile image, according to the Counter Extremism Project.”

BBC: Syria: Deadly IS Blast Rocks Kurdish City Of Qamishli

“Forty-four people have been killed in a massive bombing in the Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli in north-east Syria, Syrian state TV reports. The blast was caused by a truck bomb which struck near a Kurdish security headquarters, according to a UK-based monitoring group. So-called Islamic State (IS) has said it was behind the attack, in Hassakeh province, near the border with Turkey.”

Reuters: Syrian Army Texts Residents To Leave Rebel-Held Aleppo — SANA

“The Syrian army sent text messages to residents of rebel-held eastern Aleppo saying it will grant safe passage to people wishing to leave the area, which has been effectively besieged by pro-government forces, state media said on Tuesday. The army called on residents to push ‘mercenaries’ out of the city — a reference to rebel fighters — and said it would give safe passage and temporary accommodation for anyone wishing to leave the area, state news agency SANA said. The messages also called on armed groups to lay down their weapons, SANA said. Concern has been growing for at least 250,000 people who have been trapped in rebel-held eastern Aleppo since heavy fighting effectively closed the last supply route, the Castello Road, in early July.”

The Washington Post: The Force Leading The Iraq Army’s Fight Against ISIS Went From ‘Dirty Division’ To Golden Boys

“Iraq’s counterterrorism forces, known as the Golden Division, were once so loathed that they were nicknamed the ‘Dirty Division.’ They were accused of running secret prisons and carrying out extrajudicial killings. Some lawmakers called for them to be disbanded. But the country’s war against the Islamic State has restored the reputation of the elite forces, which have spearheaded nearly every major fight against the militants in Iraq. Their commanders have become battlefield celebrities, while popular songs praise the troops’ prowess. The force of about 10,000 men is a small bright spot in an otherwise lackluster legacy of American efforts to rebuild Iraq’s military in the 13 years since the invasion. U.S. officials say it is their most reliable partner in fighting the Islamic State on the ground, while the Iraqi army struggles with corruption and mismanagement.”

CNN: Hollande: Deadly Church Attack In France Carried Out In Name Of ISIS

“One of two suspects in a church attack that left a priest dead in northern France was known to anti-terror authorities after attempting a trip to Syria, a French anti-terrorism prosecutor said Tuesday. Adel Kermiche, 19, was wearing an ‘electronic tag’ during the deadly hostage incident at a Catholic church in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, prosecutor Francois Molins said. The monitoring apparatus was a condition of his house arrest after two attempts in 2015 to travel abroad — at least once to Syria — using a relative’s identification, Molins said. Kermiche was identified via fingerprints after his arrest in the attack, which French President Francois Hollande said was committed in the name of ISIS.”

The New York Times: Week of Violence Rattles Germany

“In a span of six days in July, four high-profile attacks occurred in Germany, putting the nation on edge. Ten people were killed and more than 40 wounded in Würzburg, Munich, Reutlingen and Ansbach. Three of the four attacks were carried out by recent immigrants, two from Syria and one from Afghanistan. The fourth attacker was an Iranian-German.”

USA Today: Analysis: String Of Terror Attacks In Europe Likely To Continue

“Europe is the latest front in the Islamic State’s war on the West, and the recent spate of attacks there will likely expand in coming months. The conditions that have made Europe ripe for terror attacks, including large marginalized Muslim populations, an influx of refugees into Europe and overwhelmed security services, won’t be easily fixed, analysts say. ‘This scenario has been a long time coming for Europe,’ said Rick Nelson, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. ‘I don’t see this letting up anytime soon.’”

Associated Press: Israeli Military Says It Killed Palestinian Man Behind Deadly Ambush

“JERUSALEM — Israeli forces tracked down a group of suspects behind the deadly ambush of a family car in the West Bank earlier this month and killed the man who pulled the trigger in that attack in a shootout early on Wednesday, the military said. The July 1 attack killed Miki Mark, a 48-year-old father of 10 children, and wounded his wife and two teenage children. The military subsequently sent hundreds of troops to the area of the attack to search for the perpetrators in what was the largest operation in the territory in two years. Israel also vowed to take unprecedented steps to capture the killers.”

Reuters: Turkish Military A Fractured Force After Attempted Coup

“Just weeks ago, Commander Adem Huduti was inspecting Turkish troops on the Syrian border and being praised in the media for his role in the fight against Islamic State and Kurdish militants. Now, the head of Turkey’s second army, responsible for its borders with Syria and Iraq, is in prison in Duzce, some 216 km (134 miles) east of Istanbul, the most senior serving general arrested for suspected involvement in a failed military coup. At least 246 people were killed and more than 2,000 injured on the night of July 15, when a faction within the army used fighter jets, helicopters and tanks to try to seize airports and bridges, attacking buildings including parliament and the intelligence headquarters in a bid to seize power.”

Voice Of America: Afghan Leaders See Sectarian Agenda In IS Kabul Attack

“Tensions are rising in Afghanistan after a suicide attack claimed by the Islamic State killed more than 80 members of a minority Shiite group, and IS’s top commander for the country threatened more violence to punish Afghan Shi’ites for fighting alongside the Syrian regime. The suicide attack Saturday, the deadliest in Kabul since the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban regime, targeted a rally by thousands of Hazaras, a predominantly Shi’ite ethnic group that was demanding the government reroute a planned power line through its impoverished region. More than 200 people were wounded in the bombing. This is an apparent reference to reports that Iran is covertly training men from the estimated 3 million Afghan refugees it hosts and sending them to Syria to fight alongside government forces.”

United States

Reuters: Kerry Hopes To Work With Russia On Syria, U.N. Aims To Restart Talks

“The United States said on Tuesday it hoped to announce in early August details of planned military cooperation and intelligence sharing with Russia on Syria, and a United Nations envoy said he would also aim to resume peace talks next month. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington and Moscow, which support opposing sides in Syria’s five-year-old conflict, had made progress in recent days towards working more closely together. The proposals would have the two powers share intelligence to coordinate air strikes against the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front and prohibit the Syrian air force from attacking rebel groups labeled as moderate.”

Reuters: U.S. Says Looking At More Counter-Terrorism Cooperation With China

“The United States is looking at ways to increase counter-terrorism cooperation with China, including information exchanges and helping bring stability to places like Iraq, a senior U.S. administration official said on Tuesday. China was angered last month at a report by the U.S. State Department that said there was a lack of transparency or information from China about incidents it called terrorism, and said counter-terrorism cooperation was limited. China has tried to encourage Western nations in particular to help in its fight against what it calls Islamist extremists in the violence-prone far western Chinese region of Xinjiang operating as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM).”


Reuters: U.N. Aims For Next Syria Peace Talks At End August

“U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said on Tuesday he aimed to convene a new round of Syria peace talks towards the end of August, quietly scrapping a previous timeline while putting down a new deadline for a U.S.-Russia deal to support the talks. De Mistura, speaking after a meeting with U.S. Syria envoy Michael Ratney and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, said the United States and Russia both needed to do more work in the coming days. De Mistura said the trilateral meeting in Geneva focused on the urgent need for progress on Syria’s cessation of hostilities, access for humanitarian aid, counter-terrorism and political transition.”


Reuters: From Beirut To Baghdad, ‘Useless’ Bomb Detectors Guard Against Disaster

“They have been a familiar sight at checkpoints across the Middle East for about a decade, acquired for thousands of dollars apiece by authorities desperate to contain deadly waves of bomb attacks. But the devices — which have even been sold to U.N. peacekeepers — have been condemned by forensic specialists as a dangerous waste of money, based on bogus science. Marketed under names such as ADE651, GT200 and Alpha, they are supposed to respond to the presence of explosives, causing their metal antenna to swivel on a hinge toward the material. Britain imposed export bans on ADE651 and GT200 detectors in 2010, warning they were fake, and the British businessmen who made millions of pounds by manufacturing and selling them around the world were subsequently sentenced to jail. Yet is was only this month that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi — whose country bought hundreds of ADE651 devices eight years ago — ordered his security services to stop using them, after a huge truck bomb killed 292 people in Baghdad.”

Daily Caller: ‘Long And Bloody Insurgency’ Is The Grim Future Facing Operations In Iraq

“After the eventual defeat of the Islamic State in Mosul, American and Iraqi commanders are preparing for ISIS to morph back into its terrorist roots and remain a destabilizing menace for years to come. American officials pointed to ISIS’s recent attack in Baghdad, which killed over 300 civilians and was the worst suicide bombing the country has seen since the U.S. invasion in 2003. Officials told The New York Times ISIS fighters from the recaptured cities of Fallujah and Ramadi have fully blended back into the Sunni populations, and are biding their time before launching more deadly terrorist attacks.”


Reuters: Turkish Troops Hunt Remaining Coup Plotters As Crackdown Widens

“Turkish special forces backed by helicopters, drones and the navy hunted a remaining group of commandos thought to have tried to capture or kill President Tayyip Erdogan during a failed coup, as a crackdown on suspected plotters widened on Tuesday. More than 1,000 members of the security forces were involved in the manhunt for the 11 rogue soldiers in the hills around the Mediterranean coastal resort of Marmaris, where Erdogan was holidaying on the night of the coup attempt, officials said. Erdogan and the government accuse U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen of orchestrating the attempted power grab and have launched a crackdown on his suspected followers. More than 60,000 soldiers, police, judges and civil servants have been arrested, suspended or put under investigation.”

Voice Of America: Foreign, Domestic Media Under Fire In Turkey

“The Turkish government has turned its attention to journalists in the latest expansion of its purges after a failed coup July 15. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s chief of international relations, Ayse Sozen Usluer, has released a file of foreign news coverage, indicating what she says is support of — or failure to oppose — the uprising. Usluer says much of the foreign media failed the democracy test. ‘Some coverage in the media is shameful — disgraceful, actually,’ she said. ‘It seems they can’t leave the politics aside and condemn the coup openly. The international press have shown an anti-Erdogan attitude in this matter.’”

CNN: Turkey Detainees Tortured, Raped After Failed Coup, Rights Group Says

“Captured military officers raped by police, hundreds of soldiers beaten, some detainees denied food and water and access to lawyers for days. These are the grim conditions that many of the thousands who were arrested in Turkey face in the aftermath of a recent failed coup, witnesses tell Amnesty International. Detainees awaiting trial have been beaten and tortured in official and unofficial holding centers in Istanbul and Ankara since the July 15 coup attempt by parts of Turkey’s military, Amnesty International reported this week. The group cites interviews with detainees’ lawyers, doctors and a person who was on duty at one of the centers in Ankara.”


NBC News: Civilian Death Toll Reaches Record As Afghan Troops Fight Taliban: U.N.

“The number of civilians killed or wounded in Afghanistan’s battle with the Taliban reached a record high in the first half of this year — with children bearing the brunt of the conflict — the United Nations said Monday. At least 1,601 civilians were killed and 3,565 wounded in the first six months of 2016 as militants and insurgents try to topple the government that was installed in Kabul after the 2001 U.S.-led military intervention. One in three of those casualties was a child. The figures, published by the United Nations mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), came days after the deadliest bombing to hit Kabul since the U.S. invasion. At least 80 people were killed and 231 wounded Saturday in a suicide attack on a peaceful demonstration of the Afghan minority Shiite Hazara community. Most of those killed were civilians.”

Reuters: Afghanistan Weighs Islamic State Threat After Kabul Attack

“Islamic State is threatening more attacks against Afghanistan’s Hazara minority after Saturday’s suicide blasts in Kabul that killed 80 people, pledging to retaliate against support by some in the mainly Shi’ite group for the Assad regime in Syria. But assessing the threat from Daesh, as Islamic State is known in Afghanistan, is difficult. Some question whether it was really responsible for Saturday’s blasts and some officials ask whether the ultra-radical Sunni movement, hitherto largely confined to an area near the border with Pakistan, poses a wider challenge. A Daesh commander who uses the name Abu Omar Khorasani said the bombing of the rally by thousands of Hazaras protesting about the route of a new power line was in retaliation for the support offered by some members of the community to the regime in Syria.”

BBC: Key Islamic State Leader Saad Emarati ‘Killed In Afghanistan’

“A key commander with the Islamic State militant group has been killed in a military operation in Nangarhar, Afghan security forces say. Saad Emarati was one of the founders of the IS group’s Afghanistan-Pakistan branch, and led several attacks against the Taliban and the government. Afghan officials say he was one of about 120 suspected militants killed in an operation in Kot district. It comes days after a bomb attack in Kabul claimed by IS killed 80 people. Emarati was formerly a Taliban commander, but switched allegiance to IS following the death of Mullah Omar, the Taliban founder. Analysts say he was one of the most important leaders of IS in the region, and that his death, if confirmed, would be a serious setback to the group’s ability to operate in eastern Afghanistan.”


Fox News: Attacks Against Christians In Egypt Rising At Alarming Rate, Human Rights Groups Warn

“Human rights groups have been speaking out against what they say is an alarming escalation of violence in several attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Christian community, with police providing little if any protection for victims.

Mina Thabet, programme director for minorities and vulnerable groups with the Egyptian Commission of Rights and Freedoms, told AFP that attacks on Coptic Christians have been ‘escalating in a very short time.’ There have been a number of reports in separate Egyptian villages in recent weeks of large Muslim mobs torching Christian houses, preventing them from establishing churches and gathering to worship. Christians have been beaten and threatened against practicing their faith, while police and government officials have been failing to punish those responsible, Thabet said.”

Middle East

Associated Press: Hamas ‘Summer Camp’ Trains Young Gazans For War

“As if from nowhere, a dozen young people surge out of a tunnel, Kalashnikov assault rifles in hand, to launch a surprise assault on a military post. This is the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave that has seen three wars with Israel since 2008, but this time the attack is not real. The young people, aged between 15 and 20, are taking part in a summer training camp for the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, the Islamist movement which runs Gaza. Such camps in the enclave of 1.9 million people have been heavily criticised by rights groups concerned with young people’s welfare. It is the first time that Jihad, 16, has entered one of the underground tunnels, which Hamas considers a major strategic asset in its conflict with Israel and which are usually kept well hidden. The young Palestinian comes from Shejaiya, a Gaza neighbourhood ravaged by war two years ago, and is carrying out a drill to kidnap fake Israeli soldiers.”


Reuters: Libya’s U.N.-Backed Government Summons Ambassador Over French Presence

“Libya’s U.N.-backed government said on Tuesday it had summoned France’s ambassador to protest over the presence of French special forces in eastern Libya. The summons came after France confirmed last week that three of its soldiers had been killed when a helicopter crashed near the eastern city of Benghazi. France said they had been conducting intelligence operations. Special forces teams from countries including France, Britain and the United States have been on the ground in western and eastern Libya to fight Islamist militants. The French have been working alongside forces loyal to eastern commander Khalifa Haftar. ‘The GNA considered the French presence in Libya’s eastern region as a breach of international norms and sovereignty which it rejects,’ a statement from the Government of National Accord (GNA) said.”

United Kingdom

AOL News: UK Terror Attack Highly Likely, Say Intelligence Agencies

“A terrorist attack in the UK is ‘highly likely’ following attacks in other parts of Europe, a five-judge tribunal has been told. Britain’s intelligence agencies highlighted the seriousness of the threat as they defended themselves against accusations of engaging in the mass collection of communications data and UK citizens’ personal information without proper legal safeguards being in place. The charity Privacy International has taken the issue before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) in London in a hearing expected to last four days.”

Bloomberg: Mass Internet Spying Crucial In Terror Fight, U.K. Lawyer Says

“Lawyers for U.K. spy agencies said at the start of a trial over privacy concerns that the bulk interception of communications is critical in protecting the country against terrorism. Without the ability to collect mass data, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ ‘would be less effective in protecting the U.K. against threats such as terrorism, cyber threats or espionage,’ government lawyers said in court documents responding to a suit from Privacy International, an advocacy group that’s seeking to clarify whether the U.K. government has been acting lawfully. Western governments have had to tread a fine line between civil liberties and protecting civilians in the face of an increase in extremist violence across Europe and the U.S. In the past week there have been attacks in Germany and France that have seen dozens of people killed or injured.”

Daily Mail: Theresa May Warns Britain Faces The Same Terror Threat As France

“Theresa May today warned the terror threat in Britain remains ‘severe’ as she offered assistance to France following the latest ISIS atrocity. The Prime Minister said the terrorists ‘will not win’ as she vowed to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with France. Mrs May spoke out in solidarity hours after an 84-year-old priest, named as Jacques Hamel, had his throat cut and a nun was left critically injured in hospital. French President Francois Hollande says France is at war following the raid which saw five people held hostage by ISIS assailants shouting Allahu Akbar. Speaking in Downing Street, Mrs May said: ‘We all face a terror threat. If you look at the national threat level here in the United Kingdom, it is at severe. That means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.”


Newsweek: Gunman Kills Doctor In Berlin As Germany Remains On Edge After Week Of Violence

“A patient shot and killed a doctor at a university clinic in Berlin before killing himself on Tuesday, police confirmed. Authorities said the incident showed ‘no signs at all’ of extremism as the country remains on edge after a spate of violent attacks in the past week. The gunman opened fire at approximately 1 p.m. local time at the Benjamin-Franklin Hospital in Steglitz, a southwestern district of Berlin. Police told NBC News that the patient had a ‘personal motivation’ for the shooting, indicating that the incident was not motivated by terrorism. But it comes amid heightened security in the country after four violent attacks in a week, two of which were linked to radical Islamism, have led to calls from officials for tougher gun control laws.”

BBC: Germany Must Address Fears After Attacks, Says Bavaria Governor

“The governor of Bavaria has urged the German government to address public concerns about security and immigration after a spate of terror attacks. Germans are ‘riled up’ and ‘full of fear’, Horst Seehofer told a press conference, after four violent attacks in Germany in less than a week. In the latest, on Sunday, a Syrian immigrant detonated a bomb, killing himself and injuring 15 people. A gun attack in Munich was the deadliest — with nine people killed. Mr Seehofer said that Germany must ‘do whatever is necessary to protect our citizens’.”


The New York Times: France’s Permanent Emergency State

“Shortly after Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel killed 84 people by driving a truck through the crowd gathered on Nice’s seafront, France’s president, François Hollande, announced he would ask Parliament to extend for another three months the state of emergency declared immediately after the Paris terrorist attacks last November. This was an abrupt reversal for Mr. Hollande, who had planned to lift the current state of emergency this week. On Thursday, Parliament, in addition to extending the state of emergency for six months, added measures to expand already broad police powers of search and detention, like increasing pretrial detention periods for children; allowing searches without the approval of a judge; and authorizing the police to seize data from computers and mobile phones, and to search luggage and vehicles without judicial approval.”

The Wall Street Journal: French Say One Of Priest’s Killers Had Tried To Go To Syria

“Two followers of Islamic State killed a priest while he was celebrating Roman Catholic Mass Tuesday, the first time a church has been attacked amid a wave of terrorist violence rocking Western Europe. French prosecutors identified one of the attackers as Adel Kermiche, a 19-year-old French national who served 10 months in prison for twice trying to travel to the battlefields of Syria. French judges ordered him released from prison in March 2016 on condition he wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, over the objections of prosecutors who still viewed him as a risk.”


Deutsche Welle: Potentially Hundreds Of ‘IS’ Recruits In Europe

“A spokesman for Europe’s policing agency told the Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper on Tuesday that IS had enticed about 5,000 ‘foreign fighters’ from within the 28-nation to join its operations in Syria and Iraq. One-third had returned to Europe, amounting to between 1,500 to 1,800 persons, but there was no indication that IS used people smuggling routes, the spokesman said. ‘Members of terrorist groups or returning foreign fighters with EU passports travel as a rule into the European Union with genuine or faked passports. Many of them have neither the intention nor the capability to launch terrorist attacks,’ the Europol spokesman said, but added: ‘Hundreds remain however as potential terrorists, who pose a danger for security in Europe.’ Europol said it was assisting national authorities in keeping tabs on suspects.”


Politico: Punishing Russia Over The DNC Hack, And Proving They Did It

“When the White House considers punishing the likely culprits behind the Democratic National Committee hack and embarrassing email leak — widely thought to be Russian in origin, directed by the government itself — it will have to tread carefully, Cory and Bryan write for Pros. ‘Any retaliation would carry a heavy political risk, including offering the appearance of trying to aid Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president,’ they reported, zeroing in on an executive order on cyber sanctions as one possible tool. But it has other downsides besides the appearance of political favoritism. ‘Penalties could further destabilize the already strained U.S.-Russia relationship, triggering a backlash that may hinder efforts to work out a ceasefire in Ukraine, keep Iran in compliance with the recent nuclear deal and bring the Syrian civil war to an end. A number of technical hurdles also stand in the way, according to some specialists.’”


Alghad: ISIS Blocked From Accessing New Supply Routes And Resources

Foreign and defense ministers, along with senior military officials, took part last Thursday in a mini-group meeting of the international opposition, which was held in Washington. Representatives from Jordan attended the meeting, as did members of the military operation and other coalition members that provide non-military support. Participants declared that the mini-group “has reviewed its joint approach to ISIS branches in Libya and other parts of the world, reinforcing our common resolve to thwart the aspirations of this global terrorist organization.” The extended coalition mini-group meeting stressed the “steady progress of Iraqi forces and moderate opposition forces in Syria (that are fighting ISIS), which has resulted in preventing ISIS from reaching new areas, supply routes and resources.”


All4syria: Monthly Salary Of Members Of “Ba’ath Brigades” Militia

“The Baath Brigades militia was founded in the first half of 2012. It grew to include employees and supporters belonging to the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party. Initially, the “Ba’ath Brigades” were deployed to safeguard government buildings and vital installations. However, its role was underpinned with its growing numbers, rising from 5000 in November 2012 to 7000 in December 2013, though the exact number of its current militants is not available. The members of the Ba’ath Brigades militia undergo training on the use of arms in the Syrian regime’s army barracks and get logistical support directly from the army general staff. Salaries range between 20,000 to 30,000 Syrian pounds ($93–140) a month. Its funding come from the Ba’ath Party’s budget in addition to support from merchants loyal to the Syrian regime.”

Muslim Brotherhood

Albawabh News: Muslim Brotherhood Prepares To Launch Ikhwanonline.Com Website

“The Muslim Brotherhood has begun preparations to re-launch its IkhwanOnline.com website, which was suspended after the June 30th Revolution. Though the group managed to get it online again, it was eventually taken offline at the end of November 2015, following a major crisis inside the group between the young and veteran leadership. Sources within the group revealed that the veterans, led by Mahmoud Ezzat, acting Brotherhood Supreme Guide, will launch the website once again after deleting all the news and other materials which contain even the smallest hint of criticism towards the old generation leaders. The sources stressed that Ezzat wants to control the group, especially the media wings, coinciding with calls by the youth to hold internal elections. The sources noted that the website will be launched from Turkey and supervised by Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ibrahim Munir, the organizations’ Deputy Supreme Guide. The sources claimed that substantial sums of money will be injected into redesigning the website prior to its introduction to Brotherhood supporters.”

Albawabh News: Documentary: International Arm Of The Muslim Brotherhood Has Four Offices In London

“A documentary film entitled “The Organization”, produced by Youssef Al Hosseiny, revealed that the International arm of the Muslim Brotherhood works out of four offices in London. The organization, which operates through 19 foundations, companies, charities and media agencies, is working as a single, well-oiled system to fulfil the group’s agenda and goals in Egypt, UAE, Tunisia, Palestine, as well as other countries around the world.”


Yemen 24: Plan To Disburse Nearly $0.8 Billion In The Areas Under Houthi Control

“Fadhl Muhammad Al-Jadi, the Dhale governor, said that the liquidity crisis in Yemen will be addressed with the printing of 400 billion riyals ($1.6 billion), which will be distributed equally among the provinces that are under the control of the government authorities and rebels (Houthis). The governor in his statement explained that taking such a step was not arbitrary, and what underlies it is an agreement to support the act of supplying the local market with banknotes.”