Eye on Extremism, July 6, 2016

Counter Extremism Project

Vermont Public Radio: Software Developed at Dartmouth Looks to Stop the Spread of Extremist Videos

“A computer scientist at Dartmouth College has developed new software aimed at quickly identifying and stopping the spread of extremist videos online that are used to incite violent attacks. Dr. Hany Farid developed the software as part of Dartmouth’s Counter Extremism Project.”

The Hill: Ex-National Guardsman Arrested, Accused Of Offering To Help ISIS Attack US

“A former National Guardsman was arrested after allegedly offering to get weapons for what he believed was going to be an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attack on U.S. soil, the Justice Department announced Tuesday. Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, 26, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Sierra Leone and now living in Virginia, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of attempting to provide material support to ISIS and appeared in court Tuesday afternoon, according to a Justice Department news release. According to an affidavit in support of the criminal complaint against Jalloh, a member of ISIS who has since died brokered a meeting in March between Jalloh and someone who was actually an FBI informant. The ISIS member was plotting an attack on U.S. soil and hoped to have Jalloh and the informant help.”

BBC: Iraq Sees Worst Bombing Since Invasion With 250 Deaths

“The death toll from Sunday’s suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has risen to 250, the Iraqi government says, making it the deadliest such attack since the 2003 US-led invasion. A lorry packed with explosives was detonated in the Karrada district while families were shopping for the holiday marking the end of Ramadan. So-called Islamic State (IS) has said it carried out the suicide attack. An earlier estimate for the attack had put the toll at 165. The destruction of the area was all but complete. Bewildered local residents have held candlelight vigils and prayed for peace. Iraq remains under an official state of mourning following the bombing.”

Washington Post: In A Deadly Ramadan, ISIS Terrorism Exposes The Failure Of Others

“Many Muslim majority countries will mark Eid al-Fitr, or the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, on Wednesday. But for politicians and other leading figures from Turkey to Bangladesh, the annual holiday comes at a profoundly somber moment. The past week has seen an alarming campaign of slaughter unleashed by the militants of the Islamic State, hitting targets in four different countries.”

Reuters: Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 16 In Northeast Syria — Monitor

“A suicide bomb blast claimed by Islamic State killed at least 16 people in the mostly Kurdish-controlled city of Hasaka in northeastern Syria on Tuesday, the monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The attacker detonated his explosives at a bakery. Several other people were wounded and the death toll was likely to rise because of the number of serious injuries, the British-based Observatory said. Three children and two women were among those killed, it said. Islamic State said in an online statement that one of its members carried out the attack, and that it targeted the Kurdish YPG militia.”

The Guardian: Bombings In Saudi Arabia Aim To Challenge Kingdom’s Legitimacy

“Suicide bombings across the Muslim world, in Baghdad, Dhaka and Istanbul, have made for a grim and bloody Ramadan. Now three apparently coordinated attacks in Saudi Arabia have underlined a determined effort to target the conservative kingdom hated by the jihadis of Islamic State. The most prominent of Monday’s incidents was in Medina, burial place of the prophet Muhammad and the second holiest place in Islam, visited by millions annually. Four policemen died there, but two attacks elsewhere in Saudi Arabia failed — testimony perhaps to the relative efficiency of the country’s internal security forces. For Isis — or Daesh, as it is known pejoratively across the Arab world — targeting Medina was probably intended to undermine the legitimacy claimed by King Salman’s formal title, ‘guardian of the two holy shrines’, which refers to Mecca and Medina.”

Newsweek: How Islamist Terror Came To Bangladesh

“As Bangladesh comes to grip with the horrific terrorist attack July 1 at a café in an upscale neighborhood in Dhaka, the Sheikh Hasina government must focus on shutting down local Islamist militant groups and cooperating closely with U.S. authorities to determine whether the terrorists had operational links to global groups. The attack, which involved a 12-hour hostage siege, left at least 20 hostages and two Bangladeshi security personnel dead. The victims included nine Italians, seven Japanese, one Indian, two Bangladeshis and one U.S. citizen of Bangladeshi origin. Three of the victims were students at U.S. colleges.”

The Daily Beast: Al-Qaeda Reaps Rewards Of U.S. Policy Failures On Syria

“Warfare and diplomacy are intrinsically linked, except when it comes to the Obama administration’s policy on Syria. While a negotiated settlement remains the only viable pathway out of the Syrian crisis, currently existing facts on the ground do not in any way allow for a meaningful process, let alone a solution. As things stand, there is no reason for Bashar al-Assad to view a political process as anything less than a game in which to taunt and kill his adversaries, while compelling his allies to double-down in defense of his regime.”

Deutsche Welle: German Intel: More ‘Turbo-Radicalized’ Neo-Nazis Emerging

“Germany’s far-right is expanding and becoming more radical, according to the latest report by the Verfassungsschutz in North-Rhine Westphalia. The domestic intelligence agency in Germany’s most populous state said that 66 percent of the suspects of attacks on refugee homes had been carried out by people not previously known in the far-right scene. The state reported 114 politically-motivated attacks against refugee homes in the first five months of this year, 22 of which were violent crimes. ‘There is a new type of perpetrator who is radicalizing more quickly, and jumping over the threshold from ideology to attack without any transitional stages,’ the state’s Interior Minister Ralf Jäger said as he presented the Verfassungsschutz report.”

The New York Times: French Inquiry Urges Changes To Intelligence Services In Light Of Failures

“A parliamentary committee examining two devastating terrorist attacks in France last year called on Tuesday for the nation’s intelligence agencies to be streamlined and merged, finding widespread failures in the collection and analysis of information that could have helped prevent the attacks. Among 40 proposals, lawmakers urged the government to merge some of France’s overlapping and sometimes competing agencies and to create a new national agency — like the National Counterterrorism Center that the United States established after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks — reporting directly to the prime minister. It also urged the government to set up a shared antiterrorism database; to better monitor prisons, where radicalization of inmates is a major problem; and to tighten the sentencing of convicted terrorists.”

Newsweek: Iraq’s Religious, Ethnic Minorities On Verge Of Disappearing: Report

“After more than a decade of war in Iraq, the country’s religious and ethnic minority groups are on the verge of disappearing, according to a new report. The report documents how several thousand people belonging to minority communities in Iraq have been abducted, maimed or murdered since June 2014, when the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group took control of Mosul, Iraq. Among them are unknown numbers of women and girls who have been raped or forced into marriage or sexual enslavement by ISIS fighters. Efforts to retake Mosul later this year could result in a total of a million people being displaced, warns the report published on Monday by Minority Rights Group International, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, Institute for International Law and Human Rights, and No Peace Without Justice.”

United States

The Hill: US Providing Less Protected Military Vehicles To Afghan Army: Report

“The U.S. shelved plans to provide Afghan forces with hundreds of armored vehicles as they readied to take on the Taliban without combat support, according to a report. As the Obama administration ended its combat role, U.S. officials decided against supplying Afghan forces with 300 extra military vehicles largely for budgetary reasons, according to Reuters. Masoom Stanekzai, who recently served as acting defense minister before being approved by parliament as intelligence chief, told Reuters the Afghan government was still trying to obtain the vehicles, including Mobile Strike Force Vehicles, from the U.S. U.S. military planners in 2013 sent a request to Congress for 300 more vehicles at $900 million, to add to the 600 MSFVs the Afghan army already had.”

ABC News: For Families Of Drone Strike Victims, Government Statistics Likely To Provide Little Solace

“On Friday the White House announced that 64 to 116 civilians have died from U.S. airstrikes outside ‘areas of active hostilities’ during President Barack Obama’s term, but it is unknown whether Salim and Ali are part of that official tally, because the names of victims were not included in the report. The estimate also does not cover drone strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, where there are active hostilities, under the administration’s definition. In addition to the statistics, the administration issued an executive order that called on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to publish annual reports on civilian and combatant casualties resulting from counterterrorism operations in nations where where Congress has not approved military action, as well a mandate for increased training of the military personnel involved in such operations and other policies, in an effort to reduce civilian casualties.”

Fox News: US Drone Crashes In Northern Syria, Air Force Says

“A U.S. military drone crashed in northern Syria while carrying out a combat mission against ISIS, the Air Force said Tuesday. According to a statement, the MQ-9 Reaper drone was not brought down by enemy fire and there were no reports of civilian injuries or damage in the crash. The statement added that aircraft of the U.S.-led coalition destroyed the crashed drone before it could fall into ISIS hands. An investigation will be conducted to determin the exact cause of the crash. The Obama administration has often used unmanned aircraft to target leaders of terror groups. On Friday, the White House disclosed that between 64 and 116 civilians had been killed by drone and other airstrikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Africa since Obama took office in 2009.”


Newsweek: Iraq, Syria Has 30,000 Extremists Ready To Return Home

“Almost 30,000 foreign extremists are currently in Syria and Iraq and, as radical Islamist groups continue to lose ground to the governments of both countries, the threat of them returning to their home countries to carry out attacks increases, a top U.N. official warned on Tuesday. ‘The number of foreign terrorist fighters is very high’ in Syria and Iraq, where the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has established a self-proclaimed caliphate, said the head of the U.N’s Counter-Terrorism Committee Jean-Paul Laborde. Since its establishment in June 2014 the Islamic State, as the group refers to its territory, has drawn in jihadis from around the world.”

Reuters: Syrian Military Declares 72-Hour ‘Regime Of Calm’ Across Syria: Military Source

“The Syrian military has declared a 72-hour ‘regime of calm’ covering all of Syria from 1 p.m. (1000 GMT) on Wednesday, a military source told Reuters. The military high command said in a statement that ‘a regime of calm will be implemented across all territory of the Syrian Arab Republic for a period of 72 hours from 1 p.m. on July 6 until 2400 on July 8, 2016’. The statement did not explain the contradiction between the 72-hour period, which would end at 1000 GMT on July 9, and the specified end-time of midnight on July 8.”


CNN: Iraq’s Interior Minister Resigns In Wake Of Devastating Baghdad Truck Bombing

“Iraq’s interior minister resigned Tuesday in the wake of a devastating ISIS truck bomb that ripped through a busy commercial district in central Baghdad, the worst attack to strike the Iraqi capital in years. Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban submitted his resignation at a press conference Tuesday in Baghdad, citing a lack of ‘coordination among security systems’ as the reason for his departure. His resignation was predictable fallout from the immense blast early Sunday in the capital’s Karrada neighborhood, where about 250 people were killed and at least 200 injured.”

The Atlantic: Iraq: The World Capital Of Terrorism

“Terrorism does not terrorize equally. It is not processed equitably. The identities of the perpetrators and victims, the scale and apparent significance of the massacre, the setting and novelty of the violence — all these variables shape how grief is expressed, and who expresses it, after an attack. As a result, outpourings of grief don’t always align with death tolls. In the case of Iraq, years of grinding conflict in the country may have numbed many people to Sunday’s carnage. That numbness inures us not just to the human suffering in Baghdad, but also to realities that help explain the origins of terrorism, at a time when its sources — Is this really about radical Islam? Power politics? Economic grievances? Social alienation? — are the subject of fierce debate.”


Reuters: Turkey Jails 17 Over Istanbul Attack, Blames Ex-Soviet Members Of IS

“Turkey jailed 17 suspects on Tuesday, mostly foreigners, over last week’s suicide bombing at Istanbul’s main airport, which President Tayyip Erdogan described as the work of Islamic State militants from the ex-Soviet Union. The arrests bring the total number of people jailed pending trial to 30 over the triple suicide bombing at Ataturk Airport, which killed 45 people and wounded hundreds, the deadliest in a series of bombings this year in Turkey. It was followed by major attacks in Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the past week, all apparently timed for the runup to Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of the Ramadan holy fasting month.”

Reuters: Turkey’s Erdogan Moots Plan To Grant Citizenship To Syrians

“President Tayyip Erdogan outlined plans on Tuesday to grant citizenship to some of the near 3 million migrants who have fled war in neighboring Syria, particularly those with qualifications of use to Turkey. ‘Western nations open their doors to such skilled individuals and they have no choice but to go (to the West) when we do not open the gates (of citizenship) ourselves. We would like to benefit from their knowledge,’ Erdogan told reporters after praying at an Istanbul mosque. Turkey struck a deal with the European Union in March to stem the flow of migrants into Europe and it has sharply cut the number of refugees and migrants reaching Greece. However, the deal has been hampered by discord over Turkish counter-terrorism law, which the EU wants brought in line with its codes.”

Reuters: Turkey Proposes Cooperation With Russia In Fighting Islamic State

“Turkey said on Monday it wanted to cooperate with Moscow in combating Islamic State in Syria but denied having suggested it might allow Russia to use its Incirlik Air Base, near the Syrian frontier. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan last week expressed regret over last year’s shooting down of a Russian warplane, with the loss of the pilot. Moscow, which had broken off virtually all economic ties and banned tourists from visiting Turkish resorts, pledged in return to help rebuild relations. In an interview with Turkish state television on Sunday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu had appeared to suggest Ankara could open up Incirlik to Russia, a move that could raise concern among Turkey’s NATO partners already using the base, including the United States.”

BBC: Turkey Helicopter Crash Kills Seven In Giresun

“A Turkish military helicopter has crashed in the north-east of the country, killing seven people and injuring the other eight on board. The Sikorsky S-70 was carrying senior military officers and members of their families, among them several children. It came down in hilly terrain in Giresun province near the Black Sea. No cause of the crash has been given but the weather was poor at the time. The passengers were reportedly flying to Eid celebrations in Giresun. A brigadier general and two colonels were among the passengers, Turkish media said. The incident took place at about 17:15 local time (14:15 GMT) near Tohumluk village in the Alucra district of Giresun province, the army said.”


Reuters: Open Criticism, Unruly Militias Add To Afghan Government Woes

“Afghanistan recently sent a team of officials to investigate alleged abuses by militias loyal to two rival strongmen in the country’s north, underlining concern that tensions there are undermining the authority of the government in Kabul. Fighters under first vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum, a veteran of Afghan politics and war since the 1980s, have clashed repeatedly with those controlled by Atta Mohammad Noor, acting governor of the northern province of Balkh. The rivalry has simmered for years, but according to a confidential report drafted by the investigators and seen by Reuters, areas of the north have descended into lawlessness.”


Reuters: At Least 26 Killed In South Yemen Army Base Attack: Sources

“At least six Yemeni troops and around 20 militant attackers were killed on Wednesday in an assault on a military base near the international airport of Yemen’s southern city of Aden, security sources said. The assault began when two suicide bombers blew up their cars, followed by armed militants storming the Solaban base. They occupied several buildings but were killed after four hours of heavy gun battles, the sources said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Islamic State carried out a similar large-scale attack in the southern port of Mukalla on June 27. In recent days there has also been a raft of bombings apparently carried out by Islamic State in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bangladesh and Iraq. The surge in violence coincided with the last days of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from dawn until dusk. Wednesday marked the beginning of Eid al-Fitr, a major religious festival.”

Saudi Arabia

Associated Press: Saudi Arabia Names Pakistani Man As Suicide Bomber In Jiddah

“Saudi Arabia on Tuesday identified the suicide bomber who struck outside the U.S. Consulate in Jiddah as a Pakistani resident of the kingdom who arrived 12 years ago to work as a driver. The suicide bombing near the diplomatic post was the first of three targeting the kingdom on Monday, including one outside of the sprawling mosque grounds where the Prophet Muhammad is buried in the western city of Medina that killed four Saudi security troops and wounded five. Millions of Muslims from around the world visit the mosque every year as part of their pilgrimage to Mecca.”

Bloomberg: Militants Raise Stakes In Saudi Arabia With Back-To-Back Attacks

“Militants escalated their campaign against Saudi Arabia’s ruling Al Saud family with three suicide attacks in a single day, in the biggest challenge to the kingdom’s internal security since it crushed an al-Qaeda insurgency a decade ago. With no claims of responsibility, suspicion has fallen on Islamic State, which has vowed to overthrow Gulf rulers they see as betraying Islam. One of the bombings on Monday, near the Prophet’s Mosque in the holy city of Medina, targeted the heart of the Al Saud family’s legitimacy — its custodianship of Islam’s two holiest shrines. If coordinated, the bombings ‘would demonstrate the ability of IS to strike multiple times in the kingdom within a 24-hour framework and as such suggest that the kingdom has a real problem.’”


CNN: Egyptair Voice Recorder Indicates Fire On Doomed Plane

“Investigators trying to piece together what caused EgyptAir Flight 804 to plunge into the Mediterranean Sea now have another clue. The plane’s cockpit voice recorder indicates there was a fire on the aircraft before it crashed — and an attempt to put it out, a senior source from the airline told CNN on Tuesday. The revelation adds another detail to a picture that’s been slowly emerging since the May 19 crash. But investigators have said it’s still too soon to say what happened aboard the flight. The cockpit voice recorder captures sounds from the flight deck, including crew conversation, alarms and background noise that can help investigators understand what the flight crew was doing.”

Middle East

Haaretz: Attempted Stabbing Attack Reported Near West Bank Settlement Of Ariel

“A female Palestinian assailant attempted to stab Israeli soldiers near the West Bank settlement of Ariel on Tuesday. None were wounded and the assailant was reportedly shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers at the scene. She has since been taken to Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva.”

The Jerusalem Post: Gazans Sent To Smuggle Hamas Funds In Their Shoes Enable Israel To Learn About New Tunnels

“The arrest of two Gazans with terrorism-financing cash hidden in their shoes enabled Israel to gain valuable intelligence on the underground network of tunnels Hamas and Islamic Jihad are digging in Gaza. Security forces disclosed on Tuesday that they nabbed two Gazans in June trying to smuggle cash from the Strip to Hamas operatives in the West Bank to finance terrorism. A joint Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Israel Police Southern District and IDF operation resulted in the arrest on June 16 of 65-year-old Faiz Atar from Bet Lahia in Gaza, who had a permit to enter Israel to conduct trade.”


Voice Of America: What’s Next For The Nigeria Vigilantes Fighting Boko Haram?

“Local vigilantes in northeastern Nigeria have played a key role in the fight against Boko Haram. Now, with the terror group on the run, some of the civilian volunteers are hoping to be integrated into state security forces. Nigeria’s Borno state is where Boko Haram began about a decade ago, and a local militia has been pivotal in turning the tide against them. The men, and a few dozen women, of the Civilian Joint Task Force have defended their communities and detained hundreds of suspected Boko Haram members to hand over to the military. They also gather and share intelligence with the army. Some say Boko Haram fears the Civilian JTF more than it fears the army. Boko Haram certainly sought revenge, executing men in large numbers and razing villages, warning people about cooperating with the government.”


Reuters: German Police Evacuate Turkey Bound Plane After Anonymous Call

“German police evacuated a Germania plane due to take off from Kassel airport for Turkey on Tuesday after an anonymous caller said luggage on board posed a danger. Germania said flight ST8056 had been due to fly to the Turkish resort of Antalya before notice of the threat. All 128 passengers and seven crew members were being looked after at Kassel airport in western Germany. Police said they evacuated the plane and were checking the caller’s claim. ‘An anonymous caller contacted Kassel-Calden airport this afternoon,’ police from the state of Hesse said in a statement. ‘He said there was a suitcase on board one of the airplanes in the departures area that could pose a threat.’ Germania operates 22 aircraft, flying predominantly to holiday destinations.”

Reuters: Euro 2016 Final Attack Risk Grows With French Involvement: Germany

“Germany said on Tuesday Sunday’s final game of the Euro 2016 soccer championship in Paris could prove an attractive target for Islamic State, especially if hosts France, victim of November attacks, are playing. ‘The French are well prepared,’ German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told Reuters in an interview. ‘And we have no serious indication of terror attacks. Of course it could still change for the remaining games. The more spectacular the games are and the stronger a showing France makes, this makes it (the final) a main attraction. But the security services know that,’ he added. France has deployed more than 90,000 police, soldiers and private security agents to secure the tournament. It has also maintained a state of emergency in place since November when 130 people were killed in Islamic State attacks on Paris targets including the Stade de France where the final will be played.”


Reuters: EU Proposes Stricter Rules On Bitcoin, Prepaid Cards In Terrorism Fight

“The European Commission proposed on Tuesday stricter rules on the use of virtual currencies and prepaid cards in a bid to reduce anonymous payments and curb the financing of terrorism. Virtual currency exchange platforms will have to increase checks on the identities of people exchanging virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, for real currencies and report suspicious transactions. Under the Commission’s proposals the threshold for making anonymous payments with pre-paid cards was lowered to 150 euros ($167.28) from 250 euros. Following attacks in Paris last November by Islamic State militants the EU executive said it would step up measures to cut off terrorists’ access to funds. French authorities have proved that pre-paid cards were used by the Paris attackers.”

The Wall Street Journal: Three Convicted Of Leading Thwarted Belgian Terrorism Plot

“A Belgian court Tuesday convicted three men accused of leading a plot to launch a terrorist attack and drew links between them and other terror cells, including the one behind the onslaught in Paris last November. In a basement courtroom with heavy security and masked police officers guarding the entrance, judges read out evidence showing Islamic State had sent several Belgians, who had joined its ranks in Syria, back to Europe in 2014 to carry out an attack that was narrowly foiled. The alleged plot was thwarted in January 2015 when police killed two people in a shootout in the eastern Belgian town of Verviers.”


BBC: Bangladesh Attack: Police Say Hostage Mistaken For Gunman

“Bangladesh police have admitted they mistakenly identified a hostage as one of the gunmen in the deadly attack on a cafe in Dhaka last Friday. Officials initially said troops killed six gunmen when they ended a siege on the Holey Artisan Bakery. Police now say one man identified as an attacker was in fact a hostage also held at the bakery. It is unclear how he died and who killed him. Saiful Islam Chowkidar was later named as a pizza chef at the cafe. Police told BBC Bengali that although the chef’s picture was released along with the other attackers, he has subsequently been cleared of any involvement. They did not confirm earlier reports that police may have mistakenly shot him.”

Arabic Language Clips

Counter Terrorism

Almogaz: Head Of Middle East Centre For Strategic And Legal Studies: Targeting Haram (Prophet’s Mosque) Confirms Terrorism Unrelated To Islam,

Dr. Anwar Majid Eshki, Chairman of the Jeddah-based Middle East Centre for Strategic and Legal Studies, stated that “Terrorism has no religion or homeland. Terrorist groups employ religions to serve their own interests.” He stressed that “The terrorist attack on the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed during the month of Ramadan confirms that terrorism is totally unrelated to Islam.” Eshki claimed that terrorist organizations obtain their sources of funding through their armed cells, which are also used as their political and economic wings. Additionally, terror groups obtain financing from several foreign countries seeking to avoid attacks inside their territories. The Saudi expert noted that “There are countries that finance terrorist groups in return for not being targeted inside their territories. These countries exploit terrorist groups to target other countries who oppose their policies.”


All4syria.Info: Deir Al-Zour: Two Years Of Hell Under ISIS Caliphate

It has been more than 700 days of injustice and darkness for the people of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria. Those 700 days are like 700 years, with no end in sight to the suffering. Since the early days of ISIS’s entry into Deir al-Zour it has deliberately adopted a policy of violence and intimidation against its people because the terror group failed to win and will never earn their trust. ISIS’s policy of prevention and prohibition is based on fatwas (Islamic edicts), issued according to its priorities and in line with interests of the organization and its militants. After banning education and closing schools, ISIS’s religious leaders issued new fatwas completely banning work in the Syrian regime’s areas and service-providing institutions. The group even outlawed receiving paychecks from the regime. All employees and workers were banned from going to work in areas of the city under the regime’s control including picking up their salaries from previous months on the pretext that it is forbidden and is contrary to law.

Sada Elbalad: ISIS Blows Up The City Of The Prophet And Ignores Qatar!

While Arab and Western countries have witnessed acts of terrorism carried out by ISIS inside their territories, with other acts thwarted by security forces, there remains a single country in the region that is safe and secure, and has escaped even one attempt at executing terrorist acts on its soil. That is the State of Qatar — the smallest country in the world after the Vatican, but highly influential due mainly to its usage of gas revenues. Some have suggested that the country of Qatar finances, encourages or contains terrorist organizations, ISIS being the most prominent of them. Furthermore, the Qatari state supports the Muslim Brotherhood, illustrated by its hosting of Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, considered to be the spiritual father of modern radical Islamist ideology. Not long ago, there were reports in foreign media outlets indicating that sources of ISIS financing originate from Qatar. Those reports claim that money has been sent to the terror group under the names of Qatari nationals.

Muslim Brotherhood

Elyomnew: Egyptian Security Agencies Issue Warning To Owner Of “El Araby Toshiba” Regarding The Muslim Brotherhood

Informed sources claimed that Egyptian security agencies had warned Mahmoud El Araby, former Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Board of the El Araby Group of Companies and Factories, and Toshiba, of the infiltration of members of the Muslim Brotherhood to leadership positions inside the companies. Security authorities sent El Araby video clips taken during the Brotherhood Rabea al-Adaweya protest camp, which was dispersed on August 14th, 2013. They show that cars belonging to El Araby companies supplied participants in the sit-in with means of subsistence. El Araby inquired about the timing of the warning, particularly since nearly three years had passed since the incident. He was informed that the reason for this was the recent marriage of his son to a daughter of a Brotherhood leader. The marriage raises suspicions that the businessman, whose companies’ capital is estimated at more than 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds ($ 170 million), is continuing to assist the Brotherhood.


Nabd Hadhramout: Houthis Loot Money From The (Yemeni) Central Bank; Delay Of Payment Of Salaries Makes Yemenis’ (Eid Al-Fitr) Holiday Miserable

The Yemeni Central Bank branch in Aden ceased its operations several days prior to the Eid al-Fitr holiday after not receiving its monthly budget, allocated to the government sector by the Central Bank in Sana’a. This also led to the closure of several other commercial banks while others set specific ceilings on allowable amounts for withdrawals. Khaled Al-Shodary, Chairman of the Gulf of Aden Information Association, said that the lack of liquidity was caused by the intransigence of Houthi rebels in not sending funds to the Central Bank branch in Aden, needed for paying the salaries of state employees. According to estimates, the value of the salaries totals approximately 5 billion riyals ($ 23 million) a month. He stressed that the majority of government employees in Aden and the rest of the liberated provinces did not receive their salaries on the eve of Eid al-Fitr due to this intransigence.