Dear Jews: This year, we fight Nazis. Here’s how.

Mimi Arbeit, PhD
Sep 18, 2017 · 8 min read

1. Trust Black and indigenous liberation leadership.

2. Center Black lives.

3. No platform for White Supremacy.

4. Know your Nazis.

5. Love each other and protect each other.

6. Honor a diversity of tactics.

7. Form local coalitions.

8. Demand organizational leadership.

9. Mobilize rapid response.

10. Refuse to normalize.

Front lines of the Charlottesville March for Community Defense Against All Fascism, June 3 2017.

Mimi Arbeit, PhD

Written by

Sexuality educator, developmental scientist, feminist. White anti-racist #BlackLivesMatter advocate. Postdoc @Youth_Nex. Queer femme Jew. #JewsFightNazis

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