My dearest girl,

It is now midnight of April Fools and I know you’ve been feeling a lot like that lately — foolish.

That probably comes from the fear of not being enough. I’ve been there and I’ve felt those grasping invisible hands that choke you everytime you think that it could be better. That you could be better. But you know what? To the one that will stay, that will make it to your grandpa’s on Easter and that will make you feel like the outstanding person that (you know) you are, it just couldn’t get better. Because you are already everything he’s asked for.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know you’re not a victim. I guess everyone that knows at least a little bit of you could only imagine you as anything other than that. But in some nights, I know exactly what you feel: like the world could burst in flames and, if you’re sleeping on his arms, it really wouldn’t matter. Tonight is one of those nights, right? When it feels like you want him so much more than he wants you? Take deep breaths, my girl: dark nights are often the hardest ones, but usually are the same that welcome most beautiful sunrises. Ease this heart of yours and don’t be stucked in good ideas instead of good people. I’m sure the fiction inside your head is beautiful, but the view from out here is breathtaking. So be brave, and be a fool. Dare to let go of all those fears (along with the perfect catchphrases you learned to repeat so well).

Dare to dare yourself. Dare to let someone real get in.

Ps.: F. Scott Fitz once said, “I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” Trust the man. And believe in the magic of new beginnings.

Forever yours,


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