A Thousand Words

Before Instagram became one of the “it” social media platforms, did you initially think the concept was ridiculous at first? Why would you ever take 4:3 photos on your smartphone only to have it cropped to a square with some funky filters applied on top? If that was your first impression of the app, we can go back in time and eat our words together. I absolutely love the platform today because I enjoy immersing myself into other people’s feed to see how they curate it. It’s the first app I open as soon as I wake up and the last app I use before I go to bed.

Inarguably, there’s been a drastic shift in the photography scene also known as the culture of “pics or it didn’t happen” but it’s definitely for the better. Just a couple of years ago, having my DSLR camera out in public often felt embarrassing because “only tourists did that” or annoying because everyone thought that you could be their personal photographer. Fast-forward to today, if you’re seen holding a DSLR (or any type of) camera, you’ll appear to others that you aren’t fucking around because time is money and you’re passionate about getting the right shots in. So it suddenly became cool to have a camera out in public without as many people calling you a tourist or asking you to take their photos. What a time! 🙌

After making this observation, I felt motivated to brush the dust off my DSLR camera and start shooting again. Currently, Instagram is my favourite platform that allows me to share and curate my photographs within seconds. I’ve been taking it more seriously this year by aggressively pushing more content due to my rekindled flame towards photography (thanks Canon 😘). Seeing a couple of my friends grow their following base is inspiring and exciting to me. Everyone is extremely supportive on this platform so it’s a great way to constantly garner feedback and improve day-by-day. To my surprise, I am receiving great feedback on my photos and sometimes a few features, which is nice because more eyes get to experience my—pardon me, Drake—views.

Photography brings out a lot of the confidence and silliness that people often hide behind their everyday routines.

Recently I’ve rediscovered how much I love photography and I can proudly admit that I’m no longer ashamed of bringing out whichever camera I have at the moment to capture something dope for the ‘gram but more importantly, for myself. I even got the sweet opportunity to curate one of my favourite areas in Toronto, the Beaches! Check it out here at OnTheGrid. It’s so refreshing to see majority of crowds with a camera strap around their necks at events or even casually on the streets. Or seeing people rocking ridiculous poses to get that perfect shot with their smartphone. I support this movement 100% and for those who are shy, here’s my piece of advice:

Fuck it. Why are you so afraid of people judging you? Who are they to judge? I once thought Instagram was going to be a flop but damn, that platform proved me wrong and I am happy it did. Break out of that shell and prove the idiots wrong. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back because now I know better than to make such a quick judgement. 👊 So just go out and shoot, have fun, fall in love with the art, and don’t be afraid to share to get feedback to improve. If you think you’ve failed, then fail fast and get right back up! Happy shooting! 📸