Stefano Tresca joins MIMIC as Advisor

We are so proud to announce that MIMIC has a new advisors onboard: Stefano Tresca, partner at iSeed and mentor at Level39.

Stefano is a programmer with a background in law. After law school he became a lawyer and then turned entrepreneur and investor.

He is a founding member of Level39, Europe’s largest technology incubator for fintech and future cities, and founder of StartupHome, co-living for young entrepreneurs.

Stefano has more than 15 years experience in startups, from apps to big corporations (mobile operator, internet provider, online bank, energy market). He spent 2005–2009 helping companies to expand to Europe.

His love for the art of the start, together with his obsession for travelling, brought him to manage projects within 53 countries (and counting), including steel (India), solar panels (China), organic food (Malaysia), fashion (Hong Kong and London), modern art (China again), motorbikes (Thailand), just to name a few.

From 2011, he mentors and invests time and money into startups, mostly early stage. He has been in crypto since 2012. He is a Fintech and ICO advisor and investor, and enjoys public speaking, writing, and teaching.

He writes books and articles about crypto, the sharing economy, and future cities, classified as “Bestseller” by Amazon.

Stefano will be helping the team on the strategic side, go to market, communication and PR aspects.

Stefano is also a verified member of “People of Blockchain community” on ICOBench with the rank of Expert