What are the meaning of ‘choices’?

Choices are heavily on my mind and perhaps on your mind, too. I think about what choices bring us. Often times there are some choices you do not wish to make but it has brought you here.

Whether they give you what you desperately need in your life or they brought you grief, it is always showing your growth in places you’ve never imagined.

Yes, some choices show you the shadows, losses, and fears but in the shadows, there is a light hidden.

We seek for instant gratification to cope with the changes your choice have triggered but it does not seal the bandaid for so long. The wound will find a way out regardless.

Then, soon you’ll be cornered and you have no choice but to face it. Do you see it? The first choice you made isn’t going to be an easy one. Inevitably, there will be some tests, temptations, and blocks down the road.

Does that means you make a wrong choice? I really don’t know but the changes you need in your life is going to take a lot of faith, persistence, and patience.

If you’re going to make a choice from the place of love, nothing will stop you. If you’re going to make a choice from the place of love, you’re doing the right thing and get ready for unforeseen obstacles.

Choose to believe in yourself is a sure thing. Stay strong. Hold onto the trust.

-Mina ❤