Step 2. Drive > And master the art of the hustle

Hustle (def.): Doing what one needs to do to make money.

Want to learn how to hustle? See how it can change your life.

Driving Uber / Lyft is the “Wax-on, wax-off” of business. I spend 99% of my time thinking about how to make the most money with the least effort.

This is very good practice for an entrepreneur — and for anyone!

Ashamed to drive? Consider this: Most very educated people learn how to be good cogs in a money making machine, albeit very sophisticated ones. But don’t learn how to make money on their own.
As a highly educated person (Ivy League educated & Mensan), I never learned how to hustle until I started a business. It will take you further than you think.

BTW — as a driver, you have just started a business.You are not an employee of Uber or Lyft.

You use their services to work as an independent contractor — your own biz. (In NYC you must obtain a TLC license, which can be under a business name.)

Step 3: Master the tricks of the trade. Join a good Facebook discussion > search “Uber” and “Lyft” for driver only discussions. Then try other drivers’ tips, and share what worked.

(There are some serious hustlers on those forums!)

TIP OF THE WEEK: Wake up early. Starting around 6AM to drive rush hour adds ~20% cash more to your daily total.
And gets you energized for the day!
What other benefits can you get from waking up early? (When I worked out early — I lost 20lb!)

What are your best tips, drivers? Comment below~!

Step 3 >

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