A Dandelion Moment

Mind Piper
1 min readJan 11, 2018

Waiting for a fix
A fix to mend
The damage, the dent
The constant hum of dearth

The fix arrived
Uncoiled the tangles
Brought the undefined to a brim
Rebuilt, repaired and restored
And it departed

The fix was a dandelion
It lasted a dandelion
But it enlightened and retreated
Leaving a heart full of hope

And that was all
All that was needed
A dandelion and a hopeful heart
To end the wait for a fix
And to get back on my feet

Credits: https://goo.gl/MPd5Wq

Rashi is person who exists between nostalgia and hope, the two of her most authentic states.

Here are the thoughts behind this piece of poetry:

We constantly find ourselves stuck in a spot, and we constantly romanticise the fix, the change that will come in the most striking way to alleviate us from our struggles. The fix more often arrives in a small and humble way, often with an air of insignificance about it. The moment passes, only to transform into a story later. We can be grateful towards those harbingers of small revolutions that uncoil us from our pain, only if we are aware of these insignificant moments, like the insignficant and passing dandelion.



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