6 Differences Between iOS and Android App Development: Myths Vs Reality

both iOS and Android hvae their differences in terms of cost and time-effectiveness
How many iPhones have already been sold worldwide?

Frankly speaking, more than we could imagine: Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones already. According to Networkworld magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that Apple has sold this amount of iPhones in March 2016, so right now, although there are no recent updates about the sales wave of Apple, we recon 800 million of freshly-made iPhones have already found their loyal owners.

This, and a bunch of other mesmerizing facts about Apple and Google companies proves that the popularity of mobile gadgets is reaching it’s peak, rapidly and unavoidably. At the same time, mobile application development is taking all possible forms, from fitness apps to the application helping you find somebody to cuddle with in the same area. Therefrom, iOS and Android development are the main platforms people code on. 8 years on the market are taking it’s toll — we know how to use them, but what do we know about the inner processes and differences between android and ios development? We have tried to make a comparison “iOS vs Android Development”, focusing on the main myths covering both platforms.

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“6 Differences Between iOS and Android App Development: Myths vs Reality”