6 Reasons Why Your Business Really Needs a Mobile App

Small and medium businesses can benefit greatly out of a mobile app

Mobile apps epidemy is here, knocking at every businesses door, but does it work same for all businesses? How essential native mobile application is for your small or midsize business and what are the advantages of a mobile app for business? This article gives some answers to these questions.

The world we live in is rapidly changing year after a year, and websites that used to be the progress indicators, are now gradually going to dogs as something vintage and a bit out-of-date. Therefore, the next turn tech evolution is about to take is all in forms of mobile applications.

9 years ago there were apps for iOS and Android phones only; 6 years ago the apps for tablets have joined in for a turn; and now almost every gadget we use (might be a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, even a washing machine) has an application running on it. Every statistics you look at suggests that apps have really gone viral since that time - as we buy what Statista claims to come true in 2021:

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