Laundry App Development. How to Make an App for Laundry?

Uber for Laundry and everything about it — prices, estimates, insights
Expanding on the topic of on-demand services, they are literally everywhere, changing each aspect of our everyday life. Even, surprisingly enough, the sphere of chores. The question of making a laundry app, and also the cost to develop laundry app are the ones we rise here.

Our daily routines used to involve loads of time spent on housework: cooking, cleaning, doing your laundry. Though, a decade ago, when the pace of life has increased significantly, the question of chores’ delegation rose. The cooking problem was resolved by on-demand food delivery services like Postmates and UberEATS, and the cleaning could be delegated to Get Maid — an Uber-for-cleaning service, purposed to take the hassle of finding a professional cleaner for your apartment away. The last one — laundry, is now turning into a rapidly growing market, with the apps like Washio and Laundrapp — the so-called on demand dry cleaning apps appearing on the stage.

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Laundry App Development. How to Make an App for Laundry?

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