Ruby on Rails — the language of happy coders.

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Lewis Caroll,”Through the Looking Glass”, 1871.

The Lewis Caroll’s Red Queen was the first one to claim those words, and somehow they managed to stay real in our era. Especially — in the hi-tech IT era. Things are constantly changing every second you catnap, and there’s one way to walk your way to the top — crack the books. But what to study if there is such a wide choice of programming languages ? Well, we came up with a solution here.

In the digital world it is really hard to ignore the breakthrough Ruby language made. Github rises up to 55 thousand related searches once you start looking for a budding “rails” word.

Since it has been released back in 2004 — by an engineer David Heinemeier Hansson — it has served the need to make coders all over the world “happy”. No wonder that with a most recent release of RoR 5.0 on 30th of June, 2016 this framework still “happies” them. It is arguably the hottest technology for web development applications nowadays; as well as the life/ heart and soul of many “Web 2.0” sites/ parties.

So one of Mind Studios latest contributions into the Ruby on Rails epic was a Rails-course we have launched a few days ago. The instructor on the course is Oleg Tsarenko — the “web-guru” with an overall coding experience of 7 years, 4 of which he spent in the world of Ruby on Rails.

The classes take place in Mind Studios main office — so that trainees could feel the vibes we code in.

…So, Oleg, why did you choose RoR?

Well, I have been working with it for as long as I can remember. There are 3 main reasons to learn it — it is dynamic, progressive and steadily evolving language. In my experience, these are the three integrals of a proper framework. Also, the Rails’ community is truly supportive once you have a Rails-riddle — unlike the majority of other associations.

You have been working on this field for 7 years straight. Why have you started a course now?

Well, as a company we enjoy watching our Junior-workers progress. So we do know what to look for when giving a job to a person. Although, frankly, we are sick and tired of searching. We would better be growing a dream-employee from scratch — and isn’t course the best interview he could possibly pass?

That’s right. By the way, how many people did you have to interview for the course?

More than we could imagine! So the procedure went as following — our applicants had to complete the “test-drive” tech task first, and then — to “stress through” the face-to-face meeting. We struggled to sift the inborn Rubyists only.

As far as we know there are 13 people there. Planning on hiring all the guys?

We would love to. But there has to be a bit of contest — to spice the whole thing up. Fortunately for everybody, our RoR program makes a desirable trainee out of everyone — of course, if you accomplish it ;)

Excellent. One last question — if you were to give an advice to your future Rail-masters, what would it be?

It requires more than basic learning. You need to be passionate about what you study. Otherwise… well, you will still be a coder. Not a top one though.

In today’s fast-moving world we became totally dependent on a code written applications — for the greater good though. We are convinced that it is never too late to project something innovative — or to learn how to construct it …during the interactive RoR course ;)

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