Getting Everyone Involved!

By: Rebecca Sancibrian

I remember when I was teaching kindergarten how important it was for the students to be a part of our daily routine. This meant pulling out my trusty classroom job chart and designating jobs to my dutiful helpers. Every Monday morning, my students would rush to the chart to see which job they had been assigned to for the week.

Some of the kiddos were beyond excited to be the line leader, the main caregiver for the classroom pet, or helping to pass out papers and other supplies throughout the week. Other students were not exactly thrilled to be tasked with wiping down tables or sweeping the floor, but each of my students took their responsibility seriously.

Having a job chart in my classroom not only taught the children in my class responsibility, it taught them how to work together and overall it taught them how to help each other through acts of service. Of course, sometimes I found that I needed to tweak my job chart here and there throughout the school year. Here is a list of helpful hints I used to make my job chart successful with five and six year olds:

  • Explain the importance and why each job needs to be done with students.
  • Demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate! If you want a student to succeed with his assigned task, you need to show the student how the task should be done.
  • Rotate! Switch it up! Allow every student to have a chance to do the fun jobs and the not-so-fun jobs.
  • It’s ok to remove a child from an assigned task for the day! My rule was always, if a student was not completing his assigned task properly, he was relieved from his duties and told he could try again the next day.
  • Let the praises flow! I would make a point to praise my students on a regular basis. The more praise they received the harder they worked at doing their best with their assigned job.

A classroom is a small community. With everyone pitching in and helping one another, students learn the importance of responsibility and acts of service and kindness.

About the Author:

Rebecca Sancibrian graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Communication focused on Public Relations, and a minor in Opera. Before coming to MindWorks Resources, Rebecca worked as a Kindergarten teacher, and then served as the Campus Director for multiple Pre-School and After School programs for many years. Rebecca now works for MindWorks Resources as a certified writer and education expert.

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