AI technology is no longer science fiction, but a reality facing businesses. Today, companies are applying a variety of AI technologies to their businesses in new and interesting ways, including machine learning algorithms and smart connected products. According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte on companies that actively adopt these cognitive technologies, 76 percent of respondents said cognitive technologies, including AI, would substantially change their businesses within three years. However, there is still a big gap between this aspiration of the company and reality. Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker said that in reality, about 85 percent of big data projects…

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a challenge for technology to surpass the capability of the human brain. How much time do we have until the critical point when AI will dominate the future and bring about decisive change?

It is said that by 2022, AI will be popularized and a revolution will take place.

According to McKinsey, 70 percent of companies around the world are expected to not introduce artificial intelligence technology by 2022. In other words, only a small number of leading companies will dominate with superior products and services. AI will be the driving force behind the super-difference…

It is not long before humans and artificial intelligence will coexist together in a more intertwined manner. In Japan, where robot utilization is higher than in South Korea, robots and artificial intelligence are already prevalent in providing various services to humans in everyday life. For instance, there are robots that guide transit stations in seven languages at Tokyo Station. In addition, there are robot barista cafes, robot hotels, and AI flower shops in Tokyo. AI has recently entered politics, painting, healthcare, and other areas that require high human judgment and sense.

How will humans and AI coexist in this trend?

AI research trends are bound to change as society changes.

  • Increasing consumer demand due to the spread of digital payments and technological advances
  • Increasing economic benefits from big data generation, data-based products, and new markets and platforms as digital economies evolve
  • Increasing consumer demand for a wide range of service access for more convenience, including voice recognition and navigation support

As a result of these changes, AI is evolving with a focus on building intelligent systems that interact with people and collaborate effectively.

In line with the changes, we have selected 6 key human industries to observe the possible impacts…

The problems of existing AI & Solution proposed by Mind AI

AI is booming amid the progression into the 4th industrial revolution. It is expected that humans will be able to enjoy a more convenient life if AI is developed to think and act like humans in the future.

AI can be divided into two types, ‘Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)’ and ‘Weak AI’ depending on its purpose.

AGI refers to artificial intelligence that is not limited to a specific task or domain but exerts similar or more capabilities than humans in general and specific knowledge. Just imagine a robot that…

The AI of Mind AI does not replace humans, but rather helps humans. Also, it is an artificial intelligence developed to help create a convenient and comfortable life and focused on moral principles.

How can artificial intelligence be used for human ethics?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way humans live and interact within the human world.

However, humans have yet to find out the true potential of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is creating progress and a path is shaping up to lead to more innovation, creativity, and artistic pursuits worldwide. This remarkable progress leads to more efficiency and wealth. Mind AI should ensure that all mankind…

When machines begin to deduce like humans, artificial intelligence should be used for human ethics.

However, ethics are on the spectrum, not absolute. It also has individual differences depending on culture, environment, and other factors. As a global ecosystem, Mind AI knows how important it is to set an example of ethics that integrates different cultures and geography.

So creating an ethical system is complicated. For Mind AI to be able to perform solid reasoning functions, both unethical ontology and ethical ontology must be known. People have a lot of information about “bad” things on the planet based on knowledge…

The reasoning engine of Mind AI can be applied to all industries. It is expected that it could be used by any industrial groups and service providers that utilize logical reasoning, such as new drug development, new diagnostic and treatment methods, personal assistants, shopping assistants, asset managements, virtual mentors, or/and teachers.

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) or Strong AI is a system that imitates human intelligence that can be used generally, and not only for models optimized for a limited function. Based on these features, it can be used across various industries, and there are no limitations to the technology. Mind…

Mind AI can be seen based on 3 aspects of CORE VALUE. That is, it is innovative, democratic, and contributory to the humanity.

First, the value of innovation Mind AI has can be comprehended from a technological perspective.

Mind AI has invented “A New Symbolic Paradigm” to overcome critical shortcomings that other AI firms are suffering from in unawareness of causes of the outcomes they draw from their Deep Learning — Neural Network Technology. This strength of Mind AI makes it possible to verify what logic the outcome has entailed by tracking back to the causes of the derived outcomes.

Canonical structure

Also, Mind AI has developed its own artificial intelligence capable of logical reasoning based on inductive, deductive, and abductive reasonings, by which human…

This announcement pertains only to those who have participated in Bitsonic’s pre-sale of the OMAI tokens. In our prior update that we released in August, we stated multiple reasons on our decision to offer full refunds to the participants of our OMAI token pre-sale that was facilitated on Bitsonic. If you are unaware of Mind AI’s reasoning or current progress status, please refer to our prior update blog post linked above.

We advise all pre-sale participants to request a refund, as there will not be any further incentive for users who do not request a refund.

This announcement will be…

Mind AI

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