10 Chatbots that made a mark in 2016

Chatbots are gaining popularity nowadays or we can say they have gained much of popularity during last one year. They can be the next techie thing that can replace the apps.

Chatbot is a technology with which the person interacts via text messages. They are build with artificial intelligence that have the ability to understand the human language and can also reply like a human. The bots are built in such a way that they reply by recognizing a specific keyword in your sentence. So they are quite smart!!

In this article we have focused on some of the unique bots. The bots described in here are designed solely for consumer behavior, health care, shopping, recruitment, insurance and banking etc.

Swelly Bot: (Decision Making)

The concept behind the Swelly Bot is very simple, interesting and insightful to know. It’s in the nature of any person that he/she loves to get advice from others while they are doing any kind of stuff. The idea behind the Swelly Bot came when the owner of a fashion store observed that a lot of customers were going out of the store without purchasing a single item. After doing a small survey of the customers, the owner found out that the reason behind such behaviour of customers was that they are indecisive. Many people said that when they entered the store they were unable to make decision regarding their purchases and they even don’t trust the opinion of the shopkeepers because of the reason that shopkeepers are likely biased.

The swell app was then launched to help people solve their simplest problem- making daily decisions. The Swelly bot is built for Facebook Messenger complemented with an app. The bot can help people find the perfect restaurant around for hanging with friends, choosing best outfit for tonight’s party, locating rental car at your location and most importantly can also help you to take some business decisions such as, choosing the best logo that suits your product. Being one of the most popular bot, Swelly has grown upto 15,00,000 users and still growing.

Kasisto KAI: (Banking)

Just imagine, if I ask a bot to tell me how much I spent on shopping past month and few moment later the bot replys, “You have spent $200”. Isn’t it interesting to get to know about all your transactions within a blink? Obviously, yes. So the bot we are going to talk about is called MyKai and it does just that.

It can help you in knowing how much bank balance you are having and how much money you are spending across internet. It can also assist you in planning any future spendings. MyKai is the brainchild of Kasisto, a startup that has created Siri, the talking digital assistance that comes with Apple iPhone.

SPIXII: (Insurance)

It’s a kind of your personal assistant, which will help you in taking decisions regarding insurance. It will make your life much simpler, easy and transparent. The app has a Whatsapp like interface asks you questions to figure out what exactly are your insurance needs. The bot helps you buy life, motor and travel insurance and speaks in five different languages in beta version.

The bot is so smart that it detects your activities based on your locations and reminds you about all the things that are not covered in your current insurance policy.

Kukie: (Startup Consulting)

Want to start a dream project? Want to get started with something different? Planned to do it on your own or need someone’s assistance? If yes, then you just need a bot. The chatbot Kukie has been launched with same intention.

It can help and guide you about how to launch a successful business quickly. Kukie connects people with 300 startup resources in 40 categories. People can learn how to design the logos, launch product and how to build any application etc. It helps you step by step and if you get stuck anywhere then you can ask Kukie.

Instalocate: (Airline)

So, what is the status of your flight? Has it been delayed? When it’s going to reach? Need to pick a friend? One stop solution for all your queries is this bot called “Instalocate”. It gives you and your family a worry free experience. You just have to enter your flight number and you can get all recent updates regarding your flight. It also has the facility to help your family keep track of your location.

It can also help you get a cab as soon as your flight lands. It will provide the contextual information like security wait time, delay alerts, web check-in, baggage allowance etc.

Fynd’s Fify: (Shopping)

Choosing among thousand of products becomes a very tough task for a customer. So now Fify can help you and make your task much simpler. It’s a bot that has been designed to give you a unique shopping experience and assistance just like a human. It keeps track of user behavior and provides inputs accordingly.

It is also an entertaining bot which can also gossip about the movie stars and will update you about the new fashion and trend going in the market.

Mya: (Recruitment)

Do you want to get rid of lengthy process of recruitment and selection at your firm? Then “Mya” is there for you. Yes, Mya is a chatbot that connects the recruiter and the candidate. It automates as much as 75 percent of the recruiting process. The bot starts the process by asking the candidate questions about his educational qualification, experience etc. It also gives the answers of the questions asked by the job applicant about the company culture, policies and salary etc. The Mya was debuted as recruitment bot by FirstJob last year.

The bot will match all the criterias with the profile and if the applicant fails then it can provide inputs to the candidate on how to improve his candidacy. The bot continuously provides updates to the applicant regarding further processes. Ultimately a live person from the company can connect for making the final decision. The bot also rates the applicant based on various criterias and keeps a record of the score for future.

Your.MD: (Healthcare)

Feeling sick and not able to go to a doctor for consultation? No problem. You can get best consultation even when you are in bed. It has been made possible with the healthcare consulting chatbot “Your.MD”. The bot uses natural human like language to engage users. The bot starts by asking a series of questions such as age, gender, health problems etc.

This information is automatically stored by the bot for future references. It has very dense medical vocabulary which helps in pinpointing severe symptoms. The bot takes out the data from National Health Service to give suggestions to the users and it also helps in connecting with the physicians. The application is pre-installed in all the Galaxy phones because they have partnership with the Samsung.

Mypoolin:(P2P Payments)

P2P payments, interesting enough? We have come across many payment apps but Mypoolin makes it very simple. We can make quick payments to peers whenever they need just in one command. It just need a login and you can get started with your stuffs.

With the help of this bot you can pay people, remind them about the money owed, check status of group payments and check mobile wallet balances etc.


We have gone through many innovative chatbots and there are many more but whether they will make a success story ahead, depends on many factors, especially how far Artificial Intelligence takes them.

We hope that this article on chatbots helps you see how the world of bots is growing everyday and to what extent innovators have gone ahead to build value through bots. Feel free to add any other bot that I may have missed in comments and I shall revert my thoughts on it.