“Make Magic Happen”- Our new office

At Mindbowser, we believe app developers have to be magicians.


The only apps that work are the apps that go viral.
And which apps go viral?……….The apps that are magical.

Magic lies in thinking of features that users may expect your app will have. Also magic lies in being able to think of features that users may not expect your app to have but when they will see it, they feel delighted.

As an app development agency, this is what differentiates us — Anyone can develop apps. We add magic beans.

So our search for the new office was centered at finding a place where magic happens everyday.

This meant that we had to check mark the following boxes for any space.

1. Location- Not to be too far from the current office so that magicians do not have to work extra on their transport/logistics/timing options. A magicians mind need not to waste time
2. Super collaboration- Magicians learn from each other and keep growing their skills. This means that especially the junior magicians have quick access to the senior magicians
3. Keep it fun- A magician’s mind is at work for at least 8 hrs continuously. And mind you this work is not assembly line but this work involves creating something that no one has seen or done before. Hence the mind has to keep calm and engaged.

Taking these pointers in mind, we started our search in May 2015.
An initial estimate was to find a place within 2 weeks and shift within 2 months at the most.

But then reality hit- Not many buildings are made, expecting it to be taken by magicians. Our checklist was hit by paradoxes

  • Accessible by road but still not on road (no noise)
  • Near to the city but still away from the city bustles
  • Collaborative yet private

We realized that there was more work than anticipated.
We started with first zeroing in on the location. We skipped the highways and traffic filled roads and chose by lanes.
We shortlisted by lanes which were close to public transport.
As old offices/layouts did not stood up to how we envisioned, we did not found any ready to move office that met how we would have liked. Hence, we skipped all the offices that were ready to move. We looked for open spaces, with just the four walls so that we could turn it into a way that we wanted.

Finally till November 2015, our place was finalized.
It was the top floor, fully vacant with hills on both sides.

We knew it was perfect the time we stepped into it.

Next step was planning the seating, cabins, recreational areas.

The furnishing of the tomb
Thanks to the guys who worked day and night

We chose a full open layout with cabins by the side and 2 recreational areas on the two ends (one open and one covered)
Ceiling colors was chosen as black as the mark of the magicians. (Actually it helps create a soothing environment that remains constant through day and night)

The icing on the cake was the curtains that reflected out our favorite movies.

For play, We chose Foosball over TT, because everyone was a starter on Foosball. We did not want to give anyone of us an early advantage. We added couches and whiteboards, randomly or where people wanted. These are small details that we worked on that created the overall wow effect.

Apart from the people involved, we kept the whole office guessing where exactly our new office was and how it looked.
Magic happens with anticipation..right?

And then on 31st Jan 2016, we finally sent a mail to everyone. Guys do not come to this office from tomorrow.
“Our new office is ready and waiting for you.”

The set stage, before the night of inaugration

And since then we have been relishing each day. Making magic happen!!

This is what every day is like now

The everyday standups
The fun and talks

Btw we are hiring magicians.
If you think you are, dont worry about technology or experience, just contact us on careers@mindbowser.com

Thought leader in IoT, Chatbots and Mobile Technologies. We create experiences driven with data science. Follow us for latest updates. https://mindbowser.com/

Thought leader in IoT, Chatbots and Mobile Technologies. We create experiences driven with data science. Follow us for latest updates. https://mindbowser.com/