What is Mindex?

As a mental health provider I want most of my patients in therapy but most of them, ultimately, will not start. My time is limited, my resources are scarce, and the referral process is clunky and cumbersome; there’s no confirmation of the therapist and client having been connected. This is why I need Mindex.

Mindex is a database of therapists who can customize the types of referrals they will receive. Customization is based on strengths, weaknesses, location, availability, payment preferences, and a slew of other filtering options, all set by the therapist themselves. Using Mindex I can be sure I’m referring my patient to the most appropriate therapist. It takes about 20 seconds to complete the referral and gives me instant confirmation that both the client and therapist have received each others’ information. The end result is more clients getting connected to more therapists, improving more lives.

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