Tomorrow I am launching #FiveMindfulMinutes, the Mindful Everyday ten day mini challenge. The idea is that for the next ten days, we all take five minutes per day to tune in and be more mindful.

I know we are all busy, it’s December after all! Take a moment to think about what you might spend five minutes on. Did you know the average person spends nearly two hours per day on Social Media? (Source) Five minutes to improve your mood, your health and your wellbeing is a small commitment to make.

Recently I held a poll on my Twitter and Facebook pages on what you considered were your obstacles to practising mindfulness. The answers were very clear. You are too busy, and you forget about it. In designing the mini-challenge, I will help you to overcome these obstacles. I will be providing a series of reminders for you to join in. In choosing a small time commitment, I hope you will be able to prioritise five minutes in your day, just for you. I’ll be taking part in the challenge too and sharing my mindful minutes. I would love it if you would share yours too, using the hashtag #FiveMindfulMinutes.

Each day we will be focusing on a different aspect of being mindful. I have broken it down as follows:

  • Day 1 — Intro (Take a break!)
  • Day 2 — Breathe
  • Day 3 — Stretch
  • Day 4 — Taste
  • Day 5 — Sight
  • Day 6 — Scent
  • Day 7 — Sound
  • Day 8 — Sleep
  • Day 9 — Connection
  • Day 10- Evaluate and Share

I have some prizes to give away, including a private 1:1 Pilates session local to the Surrey/Hampshire border, and a copy of Gretchen Rubin’s NY Times Bestseller, The Happiness Project. I will be sharing more details on these throughout the week. To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is join in as much as you can, and like and comment on my posts. It’s very quick and simple.

I’m looking forward to the challenge, and I hope you are too!