A Mouthful of Mindfulness

My five year old is somehow intrigued by meditation. She loves sitting cross-legged and telling me she’s ‘hemitating’ as she calls it. She is also a little chocolate fiend. So she was more then a little intrigued when I told her we could use Maltesers to do a mindfulness exercise.

She was in position waiting patiently and sitting still in no time at all. I got a bowl of Maltesers and put it between us. Her eyes are sparkling already…

I take a Malteser and put it in the palm of her hand — she’s ready to eat it……..’ Ah ah No — not yet’ I say. I ask her to raise the Malteser to eye level and describe it to me ‘She says it’s round and brown and it’s chocolaaaate’.

I tell her she can smell it now and she does. She closes her eyes and I ask her what did the smell make her think of — ‘I was walking and I came to a house that was made of Chocolate and I walked inside and started eating all the furniture which was also made of Chocolate’ — Mmmm not quite what I expected but let’s go with it…

So I tell her she can get a taste by licking the Malteser and to tell me what she feels after that — she does so and says’ I feel happy — can I eat it now pleeeaase?’

By now I am laughing — ‘In a second’ I say. I tell her to tell me how the chocolate feels in the palm of her hand — ‘ Like I need to eat it quick because it’s melting?!’ — ….crafty little monkey!

At this point I tell her she can put the Malteser on her tongue without biting it just let it melt and describe how it feels and tastes — ‘Smooth and chocolaty’ she says — Of course what a silly question!!!

We do it a few more times because of course we need to finish the Maltesers! She focuses better on the subsequent tries.

The point of the exercise is to get kids to focus on their different senses and just be aware of the changes they go through

It’s a great exercise used by teachers and usually done with older kids and should take around 5 minutes. In this case we spent probably half the time on the exercise — she was too eager to eat the chocolate…

I know she is young to be able to focus, but I am trying to get her introduced to the benefits of Mindfulness at a young age. And what could be better then chocolate?!

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