3 Essential Tips to Help Your Young Child Sleep Through The Night; as Recommended by a Hypnotherapist

Essential Tips to Help Your Young Child Sleep Through The Night, nominated as a feature article and recommended by parenting groups.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a number of parents ask me for advice on how to get their kids to sleep through the night. I’d like to share some tips and have listed the top three points below.

1. Create a relaxing sleep space and clear the room

It’s important to create a clear sleeping space for your child as they will naturally want to move around as they sleep. If there are objects on the bed, their mind and body may feel restricted as the mind remembers what is physically around them even while sleeping. Give them one toy if it helps settle them, otherwise everything should be put away. Pack up any toys and games in the room at night time to ensure your child doesn’t become distracted. This also encourages them to understand the difference between play time and sleep time.

2. Choose one song to listen to each night at sleep time

When it’s bed time, dim the lights or turn on a soft lamp to start creating a natural sleeping environment and then play a relaxing song. Each night when your child hears your chosen song they will begin to mentally and physically relax their body. With continued use, the sleep process will begin without your child consciously being aware of it. This is also a great way to transition from the day’s activities into sleep mode.

It’s important to choose a track that you will be happy to listen to in the background each night. I suggest you choose a song without lyrics and avoid children’s entertainer’s songs as they will be too stimulating for your child. I’ve created a playlist on Spotify which includes a few suggested tracks. It’s important that you choose one track only and listen to the same one each night. Have it on repeat until your child falls asleep.

3. Read a text based novel to your child each night

Reading to children has countless benefits and has been used as an effective bonding method for millions of years.

With so many external focuses, such as iPads and televisions, it’s important to read to children to stimulate their internal focus. Reading gets children into a trance or dream like state, perfect for bedtime. Choose a novel with limited or no pictures rather than a picture book as it will allow your child to create their own mental worlds rather than waiting for the external stimulus of the next picture. Choosing a novel instead of a picture book also allows you to continue the story each night; an added incentive for the child to come to bed.

By following these three simple steps you can help your child sleep more deeply, consistently and help them to look forward to bed time.

Your Better Sleep Checklist:

  • Clear the bed of excess pillows and toys.
  • Dim the main lights or turn on a bedside lamp before bed.
  • Choose a bedtime novel that you can read to your child every night.
  • Choose one relaxing hypnotic music track to be played every night before bed.

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Benn Luscombe

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip.Clin.Hyp, NLP Prac. BA Communications)

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