Thank you so much for your feedback, it was very touching to read and I’m glad it had an effect…
Monique Alvarado

Absolutely, it’s hard to find people today especially among feminist/sjw ranks who value personal responsibility and choice over the far easier route of blaming and labelling other people especially the easy target called men.

That’s not to say that bad things don’t happen that we aren’t in control of but for everything else, I find like you seem to have, that the humility of self-awareness and reflection is the easiest route to healing and forgiving oneself which is the precursor to even fathoming forgiving others who may have wronged you or used you.

More importantly, the personal victory achieved from that process of letting the fear, blame and the hurt go is one that always stays with us, infusing us with new and continued well springs of inner power, a sense of total personal control about our lives and its next steps and serving as a milestone and reminder of potential victories even for future battles.

I’ve had to learn that the same way fear is addictive, victory is addictive. It’s an effect that gym and body builders know too well. You start, see some little progress and you never want to stop. We just need to give our selves a chance to experience that victory a couple of times so we get used to it.

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