I’ve always been the latter. I’ve always been the one who’s been notorious for having all the information, all the answers, facts and figures… to my classmates’ questions on the homework from last night (or at least what I think are the answers).
Getting Carried Away by the Overthinking Surge
Bridgette Adu-Wadier

Ah! I remember you. We used to come into your room early in the morning in college before we had to submit a maths assignment and copy all your answers, submit our (umm your) work and go on happily with our day. You would be astounded and flummoxed by how we didn’t seem to care that your answers and maths workings we had so thoughtlessly copied could be all wrong. You see we realized that you had already fussed all the fussing that could be fussed on all our behalfs. Why worry our own heads anymore. We knew you were a genius and your answers couldn’t be wrong but you didn’t believe it yourself and so you would worry yourself to death.

Lols. Obviously this brings back some nostalgic memories from my uni days. What’s funny is that people like that who fuss about and overthink everything end up going through life with that same debilitating inability to pull the trigger when it matters most. The guy I was talking about above ended up marrying later than the rest of us and even though he was the only one in our group who graduated with a 1st class, ended up working for one of his friends when he had the genius to start and run his own thing if only he could stop overthinking and over-planning everything until it was a little too late.

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