Do you think that if you keep repeating this, it will somehow become true?
Paul Daniel Ash

Allow me to just add my 0.02c here since this silly talk of reparations keep popping up in my feed. There is no current proof that black people will ultimately profit from any reparations even if you can find someone to pay it.

You don’t look at the gross underdevelopment in African or the mental, educational poverty and crime in mostly African Americans neighborhoods and think “all this people need is some free money, look at what amazing work they have done with what little they had”. It would be like throwing pearls to swine. Black people haven’t shown they understand how to generate or maintain intergenerational wealth. The educational/entrepreneurial base or foundation doesn’t even exist yet especially when you look at what the asians and Indians are doing already.

In fact if the black race were given reparations today, I can bet you that 20–50 years down the line that money is wasted and gone and a new generation is back asking for more reparations for something else. We’ve grown so accustomed to asking for fish and not knowing how to fish. (This point is always so illuminating for me, in that these same African Americans who now claim America was built on their sweat didn’t come to America on their own, or in ships they built with their hands and technological knowhow). Yet we are supposed to believe you now have the capacity to manage a fortune you didn’t even earn. We don’t know how to preserve the fish we’ve been given so it last for a very long time. Yet you want to be given more fish.

If you cant understand that, let me give you an exercise. This doesn’t require google it just requires you to think. Usain Bolt giving me — an untrained and unfit wannabe althlete — a 50m-100m head start in a 200m race doesn’t stop him from still beating me. Why?

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