Why Do Men Put So Little Effort Into Serious Dating?
Emma Lindsay

First of all I’m not sure that any real argument can be made from a 80 to 70 percent ration in men to women who want to have children. If I was a woman who had to look forward to 9months of hibernation, pay loss or reduction plus the pain whether surgical or natural of child birth, I would want children less.

But lets accept your premise for a second. For the past 60 years a campaign by many so called women organizations have been lead to reduce male “activeness”. Who knew that if you didn’t pay attention you could throw the baby out with the birth water? From consent laws to the ever broadening definition of sexual assault. A man can lose his job for hitting on a woman that doesn’t like him or labeled as sexist creep perpetuating some illusionary rape culture epidemic. Single motherhood is being glorified at the expense of fatherhood in the media at every turn aided and abetted by government financial aid and women-only scholarships. Wanton sex with no consequences have been encouraged over relationships of meaning, commitment and some sacrifice. Abortion laws ensure that women can opt out of child care at any time of their choice while you have a legal system that basically ensures that men cannot opt out at all as soon as a woman is pregnant and can loose everything at the word of the mother.

And you complain about passivity?

I am not saying that of these things are bad in themselves but actions have unintended consequences. As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We are now in hell and you and I must find a way to live with it. In fact I’m sure there are ramifications that we cannot yet see at all. We just need one large scale war or global disaster now to really understand the levels of passivity we are dealing with. Perhaps men will down their arms and let women and transgenders do the fighting while we stay home on paternity leave. That will really show Trump.

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