13 Reasons Why ‘Dear White People’ is Compulsory Viewing
Ezinne Ukoha

Ha! I was waiting for you to talk about it. Since I had just binge watched it from Monday and Tuesday this week. I saw the last episode first and then went back to watch the other 9. I do agree that the acting was good, framing and cinematography on point. And I could tell that the actors especially for Reggie and Coco are going to have some great gigs coming their way after this.

But as a commentary about a supposed axis of oppression between black and white, I found it meh! Maybe it was by design or maybe I just missed the point totally, for which I’m eternally grateful because it would have ruined a great show. If anything it only helped crystallised the concept I’ve had all along that this debate about a racial divide and an equalling of the supposed playing field, is mostly academic. I saw people with very different and sometimes dark backgrounds and painful life experiences trying to find themselves and their voices. But what I didn’t see was oppression. Every one held their own, even the pastiche guys at their most obscene.

But in 2017, obscenity and jackass-ery isn’t an oppression, some black imposter syndrome feeling isn’t an oppression, simply being the minority isn’t an oppression. Navigating a landscape that wasn’t built for you requires tact. That hold true in other spheres of life. I like that the director didn’t also shy away from addressing our own pettiness-es. That they didn’t attempt to make it look that there is some universal black experience that we all just subscribe to. That pain cannot be all the black man has to give. I think it succeeded in showing the humanness of us all which i’m supposing was the point.

As a show I don’t think it will shake the world but its a great show on its own still and people should go watch plus it isn’t too long too. Anyone who thought it would be a new tool in the never ending fight for racial equality will probably be disappointed. It would have done well with or without that particular title too. We do agree on something else, Scandal is crap. I’m still holding out for How to get away with Murder producing something watchable soon…Viola being a acting goddess n’all.