I had to smile at the sheer common sense of this article.
Rick Fischer

Haha, I get that a lot, I suppose. I appreciate that you took time to read my often poorly constructed rants.

It just seems weird that almost anybody from anywhere X can declare themselves to be an X-American and then demand rights and a space be forcibly made for them or else racism. The sentiment that America is for all is cute i guess but it doesn’t make sense in reality. Abandoning the more obvious infighting and victimhood olympics that will ensue as all sorts of self-declared minorities jostle for the the award for the most oppressed, at some point there is going to be a population/housing/job crisis if somebody doesn’t shut the door soon and ask other nations to fix their own issues first. And yes America needs to take a step back and stop being part of the problem especially in the middle east.

What’s worse is the way blacks give away their power by asking white people to keep evolving while they do no evolving of their own. I’ve asked over and over again, what does a black nirvana in America look like and how is it different from what they have now but there is never really an answer. Its like they are blind to the quite natural fact that future technological power always recides with the most evolved or willing to evolve class. So why not drop the whingy cry baby act and join that evolution yourselves. Reject poverty especially the kind disguised as some progressive form of socialism where an ever increasing “diverse” throng of people who ironically call themselves “minorities” insist on taking equally large pieces all at the same time from an every decreasing pie of a fast fading American dream. The Chinese dug their heels for a generation or two, limiting child birth to 1–2 per home (managing their population) and sent those kids to the best schools both home and abroad (increasing they educational and technological capacity). They are taking over the word of technology and India is just behind them. Yet black people are still fighting over the names of statues on a sidewalk in a college you couldn’t even afford if not for a free scholarship paid for by some white person somewhere.

I’ve been binge watching the full series of Marcopolo and one line in it helped describe my feelings about black people especially those in America. The Khan looks at his wife who has just finished complaining about one more of his controversial decisions and tells her “she hasn’t had to do a hard thing”. Its easy to complain when you haven’t ever had to make a hard decision about your own survival. I don’t speak of the blood, hard work and sweat of the early black slaves that where forces to come to America and their long years of servitude. I speak of the more recent black, urban, multi-cultural, woke, safe-space hiding, feminist, LGBT-loving, equality-seeking, anti-trump pin loving/hating, diversity advocate and warrior variety, pampered with all sorts of diversity handouts and actions. Who would rather hang placards and protest “black lives matter” than go to school. Who would rather blame nebular concepts of institutional racism than accept that you can’t just make people like you by telling them to and that some people not liking you isn’t an excuse for staying poor and unsuccessful — they should go ask Trump, lols. Black people will need to accept that no matter how bad their fore-fathers had it, Today more than ever, they will have to present value worth much more than just the colour of their skin and a sad story from 200 years ago.

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