America is a young nation that is built by Black slaves and whites slaves but the Black Africans…
Wesley Dixon

If you lot where so smart, you would have created wealth for yourselves also. Here’s a thought, maybe blacks are only good for the hard labor. Working hard isn’t the same as working smart. In all your time in America, you have created no lasting future looking institutions for yourselves just reactionary movements. In the words of the khan from the series “Marcopolo” you have done nothing truly “hard” to Safeguard the future of the black man. You have survived though and somehow you think that makes you deserve something. If you want to see what black men would do if left to their own, look no further than Africa in the last 50 years…free of colonization and yet too corrupt to put its own people first. Black America is no different only in your case you can always blame slavery for all the ills in your society. Useful Idiots is what you are.

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