Twelve Thoughts On Feminism And Its Place In Today’s Political Environment
Caitlin Johnstone

These plutocrat-friendly policies have created a society wherein 83 percent of all single parents are women, only half of whom are able to work full time year-round and who make a third of the median income of married-couple families

I’m not sure I understand the import of this line of reasoning. Is the suggestion that not so many would be single mothers if the Republicans didn’t “steal their Reproductive Sovereignty” and preventing them from aborting willy-nilly? If we declared killing of unwanted children completely legal tomorrow are you suggesting many of these mothers would gleefully kill their unwanted children to gain their “Sovereignty” back? These women made decisions about Motherhood. Why is it that for feminism to make its case it must first denigrate other women’s choices as somehow wrong headed and not in their own best interest while also implying that they take no fault or responsibility being just so gullible and easily deceived?

On the topic of money, I take your point that man created it but its value has always been maintained by what man is and has been willing to do to get or retain it. You speak of the values that women bring and you are right this values are important but if women aren’t willing to fight to uphold those values why should anyone support it. The same women who speak about unique women’s values as against the power hungry male dominated money system seem to also suggest they would be just as fine with a C-Suite office with a view, as replacement. Way to really “roar” and fight the Patriarchy there women.

The idea of secret-women groups is not new. Women have been meeting in secret from the dawn of time. Tea-parties any one? Thing is you can’t get women to agree on anything. As it should be. Women aren’t some kind of hive-mind. Social Cohesion my ass. Women can smile a lot to one another but I’ve found they hate each others’ guts more readily than men. Most times for irrational reasons. Many a married man know this because after smiling at each other through clenched teeth they come home to tell us about how they couldn't stand X and how Y is too snobbish.

While we are on this topic, you guys are going to have to pick one; your secret Facebook groups or insisting men listen to you talk about your most recent emotional outrage. You seem to want to have your cake and eat it too. You couch it in the predictable “If men want to help out too”. We HAVE been helping out. Thing is the list of demands and allowances you want never seem to end. What’s the point of equality, if it isn't a goal and instead is just an unending journey with every succeeding generation defining it differently while vehemently insisting that the lives, challenges and pursuits of men have not changed one bit. So no, we don’t want to help out this time. This time figure out what you want first then let us know. Do this one thing for once on your own. We’ll give you all the space you want.

Just give us your sincere curiosity about our experience and you’ll be giving us more than we’ve ever received throughout the entirety of recorded history.

I’ve seen these lines in many a self help book written by women and men alike trying to help men understand women and they sound good on the surface. Truth is this only genuinely works though when the women are also deeply and honestly curious about the experiences of men and not looking to use cheap and useless labels like “The Patriarchy” to describe the complexities of our lives, sacrifices and achievements. If as your rightly deduce, the male-dominated way of operating does not work, how are secret female-only Facebook groups incidentally owned by another man going to help?

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