Your argument rests on this convenient hypothesis that data is somehow inert, objective, unaffected…
Saadia Muzaffar

So gather the data yourself Saadia and show us with with proof that you have used standard tools of analysis but by God don’t just tell me to shut-up and listen to what ever claptrap you’ve come up with today...and I’m black.

Where do you people come from anyway, you don’t help anyone with this garbage. It’s not your fault really, you found a group of overly guilt tripped white people who are intent on self prescribed penance and immolation for a sin that no amount of woke-ness, safety pins, pantsuit social media groups and forced allyship will ever atone for. In fact, the way you’ve set it up, nothing will ever be enough.

I keep wondering when these white people who want so desperately to be allies, will realise that in the minority victim olympics that people like you champion, a winner is never declared. That would mean that the game will end. People like you will have no reason to write the childish nonsense you put up here, and we can’t have that, can we.

I can understand how that sort of power can go to your head but please don’t presume to speak for us all. Please white people everywhere, do whatever you can, how ever you can, there are some of us with enough common sense to tell that your hearts are in the right place and will appreciate you for it. You don’t owe me anything nor I you except to be good people and treat each other with respect. Don’t fall for the barefaced bs Saadia here is selling.

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