Your Calls For Unity Are Divisive As F*ck
Black Lives Matter

So to cut the long story short, they should be glad you don’t have enough power currently to smash their mouths in but they should be ok since all you can do for now is slap them on the chin several times and in fact they should be glad to turn the other cheek too because that only leaves bruises and everyone knows they need and deserve it. This kind of talk is not devisive at all and will no doubt foster unity.

You know this kind of passive aggression would be lauded as bold, if people like you didn’t make it so plain how much you obsess over and want white validation. Yet we complain we aren’t being taken seriously when we play these childish games of throwing stones at people’s windows and running off expecting to be let off easy because… “they’re just children”. If their privilege is no excuse and their neutrality/blindness to your race is an insult and an attempt to erase you and their fragility/insecurities is no defense, what exactly do you leave them with. Yet you want to be able to slap them anytime you want, you know… as a form of education.

Finally, you can’t truly believe anyone thinks you built the ship if you are sinking in the water and you can’t save yourself or ask for help and instead busy yourself with splashing cold icy water at those in the raft while educating them on your immense sacrifice. I’ve come to the conclusion that your ilk like the frigid water. You can declare you have no power while using all the implicit power of the professional victimhood industrial complex to remonstrate and educate the rest of us to death while inflicting your chip jabs at those foolish enough to believe they should pay for the sins of their grand fathers.

Here’s a hint, if you have to explain ever so often why the rage and vendetta so obvious in your narrative isn’t just as racist itself as the one your are trying take down, if it isn’t observably clear how your attempt to educate is not itself an act of hate, there is something wrong with your messaging. As they say “Show don’t tell”.

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