One of the biggest mistakes we as men are likely to make, when reading the words of women who are pointing out the failings of a culture we’re part of, is taking it personally. It’s possible to disconnect the defensive response, step back from the #NotAllMen button, and listen to what’s being said. Give it a try sometime.
“This and other Caitlin articles and similar articles leave the reader with the idea that sex is…
Warren Adams-Ockrassa

This is a form of gaslighting you know? It is in fact in taking her seriously that Rick Fischer responds as he does. This is the the import of fair and equal treatment. That we don’t take what a woman says lightly or as typical whining just because she is a woman and when we find her ideas wanting that we can speak up about it like we would for anyone else.

I also reject this concept of listening. I will never rape a woman and don’t know of any of my friends that would so what does listening do for me. We are not some de facto internet therapists for women. I don’t have to listen to other women blindly rant and rave about the bad things that have happened to them and then reflexively take responsibility for it. Everybody goes through shit, the internet is not where you find justice or healing at least not the kind that matters.

Since you say it’s a culture “we are all a part of” I don’t see you writing articles denouncing women in general for their part in that same culture. Either you think women don’t play a part in it and thus don’t have any responsibility what so ever which inadvertently is the reason Rick and any sensible person contests those baseless assertions or you are a coward and cannot write about it because you are too afraid that in that “equilaterally empowered” world you claim to believe exists, you would still be called a sexist for daring to think and speak for yourself.

It is very low of you to try to imply that people who push back against generalized and thus useless claims are some kind of cowards when you cannot look at your own reasonings and why you can only support one side of this argument and not the other even when both sides have obvious merits to be debated. Caitlin can defend her own words, you don’t have to jump to her defense.

Contrary to what people like you peddle, being male today should not automatically mean giving up ones right to defend oneself and say “I am not part of this culture you speak of, so don’t put me in a box along with them just to soothe your own guilt, pain and anger or for some cheap cathartic internet dump”.