The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

This is such nonsense. How does one say all this and still claim to have no power??? See I get it…you are the modern day black troll, you say stuff to “get under people’s skin” but even you must realize this shit is petty. It’s petty because you can’t sell this shit to ordinary black folk so you literally exist because there are some white people who do gleefully willing to self immolate on the altar of someone else’s victimhood.

Reparations???!! In your dreams Delgado. And you know it. You are going to have to do more than just be a black person to deserve a payout. It’s like black people haven’t learnt anything about handouts. While you whine and wail and ask for money on a platform provided to you by the imagination of a white man, one in a long list, the Chinese and Indians keep taking all the real jobs from you and buying all the space up from under you.

So here is my two part prayer for you: 1. That you folks keep eating yourselves alive with petty hatred and infighting over who got to speak at an event they organized or whose life matters, until the rest of us can safely ignore you and 2. That white people wake the hell up and stop giving people like you the oxygen that fuels this low grade petty micro aggressive stance that has not put a dime in the hands of black folk who need it or food on their tables except yours ofcourse.

Here’s a hint Delgado, since you are asking for money I’m not sure this writing gig pays all that well. Step away from the computer, start a real business that makes actual money, hire these oppressed black folk you talk so much about who need real jobs so they can pay their rent, maybe move out of the hoods and housing projects, send their kids to better schools, maybe even have enough to take a vacation to Africa and the Middle East and see what real oppression actually looks like. Then you’ll be doing more to help than this bullshit about black faces and white spaces. From where l’m sitting, this is a first world problem, the kind you cook up when you don’t have any real problems or Any real purpose to engage your mind in.

Taking shots at white people is easy, it’s the trending low hanging fruit and your ilk exist to shamelessly latch on. Let me know when you guys are ready to do the hard work of emancipating yourselves and your folks instead of using their struggles as fodder for your self aggrandizing agendas. And stop talking about white people. You give the rest of us a bad name because you make it sound like we can’t exist, get rich, have full lives, turn our communities around without whiteness or talking about whiteness. Almost as if you don’t believe we’re their equals. You should think about that.

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