Funny no one wants to answer these questions.
Amber Lisa

Those things are quite different. If I and my wife fight my boss doesn’t know and won’t care as long as I show up at work. This situation however requires that my Neighbour who was peeping through the window while my wife and I were fighting takes excuse from his own work place on a busy Monday morning to come over to my office, wait for 3 hours in the lobby to see my boss and then tells him I and my wife were fighting. Do you see how those two things are clearly not the same?

People who don’t know you are intentionally going out of their way to get you fired from your workplace because they don’t like something you said online or because they don’t like the people you seemed to be taking pictures with on the internet. We can acknowledge that employers are very risk averse and at the same time acknowledge that this mode of firing people is evil and will have unintended consequences if ever the shoe is on the other foot.

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