In jobs such as tech, engineering and even science women are still paid LESS than their male peers…
Christina Picciotto

To add another wrench to your theory, can I submit that many women (yes I know I’m generalizing) grow up in non competitive environments where they are treated special and thus do not actually ever understand struggle until their first jobs in the wild. You say you came to know of some pay gap in you job and you immediately bailed. Do you know how many men come upon that same wall in class or pay gaps and simply consider it part of the hustle. They dig in and do the time meanwhile a woman sees that same gap and immediately is writing a blog post about discrimination.

You give yourselves no chance to grow, to break your barriers to actually beat the system. Each initial pushback you face becomes an act of discrimination instead of the usual barrier to entry that all must at some point face. Every challenge elicits a “why me!” cry instead of a “why not!” charge. No wonder women considered a march through the streets to be a fight. In a real fight you leave with bruises and scars. Who did the women fight during the march apart from themselves trying to decide who the most discriminated upon victim was.

In a way you continue to reinforce the belief that has dawned on me over time, most women can’t handle the full blow of equality if it hit them head on.

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