In the end, I hope you understand that in my example above (i.e., “people generally treat black people…..”) it is not up to the Black person to change their behavior and that perception —
First, yes, I am angry.
Vern May

Umm…I’m one of those black people. I live in Nigeria, you know, that place where among the many good things we are capable of, there are apparently a lot of kings and princes who are looking for Americans, in fact pretty much anyone stupid enough to believe their stories and part with money sent to some unknown place in Africa. If I get stopped more often than an Asian for instance at an international airport as a Nigerian , I know exactly why. It’s extremely crazy to expect the US immigration officials to change their perceptions of us and not expect the thieving and scamming some of my people engage in to stop. That by the way is how you get ISIS sympathizers blowing and shooting up kids all over Europe only to have series of arrests after the horrible event has already happened.

As to the rest of your post, do your female sexual appendages (read breasts and butts) and what other women are willing to do with them suddenly disappear because you are a lawyer? Every time I hear some woman say sexuality should not be brought into the workplace I wonder, does that include the trendy cleavage showing cuts in most blouses or the mandatory 2 buttons loosened on the front of the shirts, does that include the ever tighter pants that somehow always manage to crease right into the butt, or the body-forming tummy straps meant to make the hips look bigger, or the makeup meant to highlight and moisten the lips. Lets not even talk about yoga pants and it’s many colorful variants at all. Ask yourself when last have women not brought their full range of sexualities to work. And no, men and women do not see sexuality the same way but that is another story for another time.

Take note that I’m not asking that women somehow keep their bodily appendages at home when they come to work but the amount of hypocrisy already embedded in the arguements you make about men assuming you might be up for some sex, ensure that we will never actually discuss what makes a woman sexually attractive to a man. I’m don’t even care to judge whether it’s good or bad, my aim is ayo show the glaring double standards that prevent any honest debate from happening. Women in thongs and leotards wiggle their hips while declaring themselves feminists and fighters for women’s rights. The other day, Kim Kardarshian decided to show us all her nude body while espousing her empowerment and you guys talk about consent. Did I consent to see all her nakedness? Did anyone care that I didn’t? Look out as award season comes around. The same women declaring their equality with men who all seem to be wearing the same suit and tie from last year, all seem to be competing for who can be the most naked. You quack like a duck, you flap your wings like a duck, you wiggle your tail (no pun intended) like a duck but insist we all call you a cat. Who are you guys kidding.

Society has allowed women this seeming unassailable right to hypocritically go through life as walking bundles of contradiction with no responsibilities or accountability for what those inevitably lead to. You with your mouths say one thing or nothing at all (because saying something is a mans job apparently) but with your bodies say another. And you are always in the clear because you never said anything with your mouths right? If men were to hypothetically say that they were sexually triggered by all too visible pant lines in all too tightly wrapped skirts or overly bunched up breasts in excessively high bras, Most men would be told to just CONTROL THEMSELVES or LOOK AWAY. But far be it from me for me to tell a woman feeling harassed by her male flirters to just DEAL WITH IT or WALK AWAY. There is no one able to control the controllers without being accused of some sort of sexism or perversion. Face it, the scales where never equal to start with. Not all women do this I admit. Maybe even you don’t , but enough have and still do to warrant a constant space in the mind of any man for a myriad of assumptions. And this leads me to my last point.

Men learn by doing things. Most men would rather fail or get hurt trying to do something than just get told that doing it does not work or will hurt and just listen. I blame it on the testosterone. But this also means that a man who feels he can flirt with women has only learnt to do it because it has worked over and over again…with other women. It’s called being enabled. This was the crux of Trumps statement. So I say if you want to stop men thinking their flirting will work on you then start first with the women who freely give these men the wins they need to keep on trying. But since you don’t believe in any female led action that doesn’t include asking someone else to protect you, we will never see the day.

The idea that men are dogs is probably just as prevalent as the idea that women are weak and can’t be trusted. But in the same way that many men are still finding willing, loving women to marry them, I’m quite sure that many women are still finding trustworthy and faithful men that believe in and will work with them. If only women can stop kicking up all this hypocritical dust raising, micro-aggression finding, sexist offense taking and misogynist name calling and grand standing that typifies most women activism around sexual culture.

If you have to convince people you are a no nonsense, straight shooting lawyer or convince your students that you are indeed their teacher, it may not be your fault but something is already wrong. The same goes for men too by the way.

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