Thanks to Donald Trump Jr., I’m No Longer a Trump-Russia Skeptic
Nicholas Grossman

Well colour me disappointed. It seems even level headed people are not immune from this Russia hysteria. Here is the only question worth asking. Would you go to a meeting arranged to clue you in on some likely criminal activities of your presidential rival? The answer for any level headed person is yes. We could debate whether it is wise to go myself or to send a third party. That the person offering information is Russian is only incidental and has only become paranoia worthy because for the last 8 months the word “Russia” has been weaponized to mean the very apocalypse of all humankind. That this Russian claims that their government supports his father’s bid is not a sign of collusion in the same way the KKK claiming to support Trump is not a sign that Trump is a cone hat wearing white supremacist. My answer would be “cool that the Russian government support my father but let’s see what you’ve got on my rival first” if that signals collusion then the word has no meaning anymore.

That this incriminating research they had was going to definitely defeat Hillary is a leap you are making that no one makes off of an email invitation to a meeting. If Trump Jr. knew that the research he was going to hear about in this meeting was hacked off DNC servers then that would be something to talk about. The point of an election is to defeat your opponent. Who you talk to to do it is not anyone’s business as long as no crime was committed in the getting and sharing of the information. The definition for collusion in my opinion should have a higher bar than just Hillary losing. By your definition, the FBI and Comey also colluded with Trump to defeat Hillary since his press briefing also must have helped convince someone somewhere that she was a criminal too. Did they know that American servers where hacked to get the information they were going to hear about? Even in that case the charge would be “knowing about crime on US soil by a foreign nation and not talking about it” not collusion. You can argue naïveté, you can argue the Trump Jr. fell for a scam the same way Podesta fell for the phishing scam that rendered DNC/Hillary’s email data vulnerable to hackers but please for all that is good and true don’t join the collusion bandwagon so quickly.

Can we please temper down the conspiracies. It is especially important that those of you we trust to clear up the mess made by the main stream media do not also yourself fall prey to the same foibles.

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