Of Course America Runs on Misogyny
Holly Wood, PhD

While I’m glad to say I’ve grown out of them, all my biases about women in my youth stemmed from how much help and encouragement they seemed to need to do anything. The number of help and support groups and programs from my local gym to the UN just so this fibble women could live. No wonder they are the weaker sex I thought. I put on the tv and saw this same women claim they were powerful while near naked in music videos while the men were fully clad. Who is forcing this women to be naked I thought. No one. Maybe this was how they thought they would gain respect. They could be engineers but they want to be artists, volunteers at non profits and get degrees in gender studies. Our single mothers tell us to be men and not to cry because they’re too busy making a living and trying to feed us to help defend us from the bullies in school, our girlfriends still tell us to pick the tab after dinner, they wait on us to woo them and then buy them a ring to signify how valuable they are to us, our wives still wait for us to come home and fix the kitchen sinks and the car tyres. In bed and about to have sex and they can’t even tell you what they want, they either depend on our abilities to read complex facial expressions or demand we ask them for consent a thousand times. Women…ever depending on men and yet still declaring their power.

For every Donald trump there are a host of enabling women willing to have their nether regions grabbed, lose their respect, willing to break the internet, to twerk in bikinis, baring it all. For every locker room talk, there are women making terrible choices about the men they date or sleep with. Women,own your shit for once. Even now Hillary continues to enable Bill because his presence helps her campaign. Until women admit their complicity in creating the monster they now hate so much, nothing will change. You can’t eat your cake and have it ladies.

My wife and mum continue to show me not every woman is like that though. Emphasizing “show” not “tell”. The modern trend being to scream sexism at men who simply tell you want they experience daily. If men’s lived experience of most women is that they are cheap and easy to get if you have enough money do you think you change them by censoring their thoughts or speech. That would be you attempting to erase their experiences and that’s a yuge feminist no no. You guys are always supposed to believe our stories, right, or is that privilege only extended to women?

Trump is a nitwit for the most part, but he is telling you what his experience is. You lot are more interested in what he is saying than why and even when you do query the why, you all seem to have this ability to remove yourselves from the discussion. It’s clever really. To blame everyone but yourselves, to declare yourselves incapable of saving or defending yourselves, lacking any agency in stirring the directions of your lives or in choosing better men, unable to even hear an offense word without screaming in outrage, convinced in your delusionment that men you don’t know and who don’t know you somehow hate you and STILL in all this asking the world and mostly men for more help. Don’t you see how the cycle of this victim hood narrative perpetuates. As with all “-isms”, the people shouting the loudest are rarely ever speaking for everybody and are in the minority. Most women are sane enough to recognize you lot don’t speak for them. They can take a jibe and give in equal measure, they move jobs when they want and ask for the pay they deserve or walk out, they seek out and partner with good men as husbands and raise well balanced children and they most definitely aren’t leaving their pussies out in the open where a mad man can grab them without getting a punch and a law suit.