Top Career Guidance Platforms in India: A Comparative Study

Career selection, in recent times has turned out to be the biggest pain-point for parents, and millions of students across the country. The sheer number of career options available today is daunting! Age-old conventions, hit-and-trial, popular opinions, and parental/ peer influence, hardly are a way to make career choices, today.

Amidst cut-throat competition, where students do not wish to settle for anything below, than what they deserve, perfect career-fitment is not only favorable, but vital for success. There’s just so many elements to consider — aptitudes, interest, motivations, skill set, personality levels, social and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, personal preferences, and more. The two big questions here are:

  • How can one be clearly, and consciously aware of all these elements
  • How does mapping all of these elements correspond to possible career options?

It is exactly here, that career guidance comes in handy. Career guidance is a detailed process, as opposed to a magical intervention aimed to provide career clarity.

Career assessments, usually the first step in the guidance process, are a quick, convenient way of assessing people in terms of abilities, skills, ambitions, and aspirations, personality traits, interest domains, and emotional & social intelligence levels. With such intelligence, and accurate mapping, it becomes easy to assess what type of career one might be best suited for. However, with the huge number of tests out there, how do you figure out the best one for yourself/ your child?

Well, you would want an assessment that is:

  • Designed, standardized, and validated for the Indian context
  • Based on a strong research base
  • Immune to personal biases
  • Takes into account ALL important parameters required to make a career decision
  • Generates an easy-to-understand report

Information is power. Hence, it’s important that one is aware about how each of these assessments are different from one another, and which one is perfectly suitable to cater to all students.

The next step in this process is that of counselling. The essence of career counselling lies in two aspects — gaining accurate insights into a student — their motivation, distractions, extra-curriculars, academics, schedule, and day-to-day activities – and providing them exposure to the career(s) through strategic interventions, real-time insights, and connecting them with domain experts. The counselling process, for a long time now, hasn’t seen any revolutionary upgrade — counsellors spend an average of 4 hours, just understanding a student, even before they can dive in to his/ her career prospects, and often leave students, and parents with just talk, instead of a clear cut, actionable plan.

Career counselling, is perhaps the most important element in the career guidance process. Extremely tricky, and disastrous should one get it wrong. It is hence recommended that you be doubly sure about the counsellor you’re in touch. A good career counsellor will:

Consider hard facts and evidence, and will not base their decisions on just hearsay

  • Seek to dive deep to extract a student’s deepest ambitions, and inhibitions
  • Connect future potential, to past demonstration
  • Provide clear cut, and action oriented plan
  • Have great experience in career counselling, or allied domains
  • Help define the career progression, including college shortlisting, and corresponding preparation strategy
  • Connect with domain experts for real-time insights into careers
  • Provide prolonged support
  • Be available for a counselling session on any channel — telephonic/ online/ in person

As individuals seeking career counselling for yourself/ your children, you want to be doubly sure about the choice of your counsellor. You need someone who is adept at identifying, and interpreting trends, and holds an exceptional amalgamation of counselling experience, and domain expertise.

If you think the career guidance ends with an accurate career assessment, and consequent counselling, you couldn’t be more wrong. Quite contrary to popular opinion, it is the onset of one’s career journey, because they begin to apply the clarity they gained during the counselling process, to their specific case. It is here that career guidance dons one of two facets — personal mentoring, and coaching, or information building and knowledge creation.

Personal mentoring & coaching, is needed by students, when either the end goal is daunting and they need support at every step of the way, or there’s some massive damage that needs to be undone through regular, and strategic interventions. In such a case, a counsellor adopts the role of a mentor, or a coach, in order to promote:

  • Action-oriented goal setting and tracking
  • Personal & professional growth

Now, it’s really not convenient for students, and parents to move from counsellor to counsellor as their needs evolve. Given the highly volatile, and subjective nature of career needs, one day they may be on ideal career fitment, and on application consulting the next. In order, to truly complete the circle of career guidance, a career consultant (especially, in case of companies), must be holistic, ardent, and astute in their approach. They, must thus be open to any sort of query, and be adept at addressing specialized requirements, such as resume and cover letter review for professionals, and application building for students who wish to study overseas.

Careers, like everything else today, are sensitive to change, and often come in and out with time. If you look closely, the most sought after careers today, didn’t exist a decade back, and who can ever tell (for certain) the most promising careers, 10 years down the line. It is thus critical that a great career guidance platform facilitate awareness about the latest happenings in the world of careers, and also simultaneously provide curated, well researched, and correct information about careers.

You might be stunned to know that most of the students stick to 7 careers, simply because they are not aware about any other career option possible in the country. You would want to check if your career counsellor/ career coach keeps you abreast with latest updates, by sending you latest information that might help you.

The career guidance landscape in the country, is extensive, yet vastly ambiguous. From independent career counsellors, to entire companies dedicated to promote career clarity, there are many unique proponents in the space. Amidst translucent processes, and confusing information, choosing your right career mentor/ career counsellor is extremely crucial.

Hope this article helped clear some air about the panorama of career guidance in our country. Read the whole report here.

Disclaimer — The information for this comparison report was collated through the official websites of each platform, assessment reports, and through telephonic conversations with representatives of the companies, wherever data was unavailable.

We have tried to ensure its accuracy and precision to the best of our ability, and have tried to maintain an impartial stance at every level. In case you encounter any unintentional errors or misrepresentations, kindly email them to us at with supporting links/documents, and we’ll do the necessary changes.

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