The Cancer of love

The destroyer of all

Wake me up. I feel like I've been dreaming because in reality, love is nothing like Easter pudding. Sweet to the taste buds, exciting to the mind and lifts up; a lowly soul. Even freshly baked bread, after a few days or weeks, builds up a mold.

What are we even doing?

Adding a whole spoon of salt inside our ice-cream bowl, hoping that it won’t ruin anything. Oh please, who are you trying to fool?

What am I talking about? I hear you asking.

Money, the cancer inside all our relationships. Once an argument commences, the love is thrown into a box of things we once cherished, leaving all our skeletons and mistakes laid bare, till we start questioning ourselves… Is this relationship worth saving?

It’s amazing the damage a secret transaction can make. You spend years building a mansion, painting the walls with colors of hope, and furnishing it with your dreams, until a giant construction truck, parks on your front lawn… Bang!

Just like a wrecking ball! In a million moments the house was there, yet in just an instant, it’s structures are now a pile of rubble — on a piece of land you once called home.

The lesson I've painfully learnt is that, money destroys the golden parts of ones soul. Dreams fail immediately after they lose it’s course, and become money orientated.

Not forgetting divorce!

This cancer brings out the worst in us.

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