What makes a true leader?

Many people will say it’s heart qualities.

An ability to care and be compassionate.

But how much emotion does a leader need to show?

Exactly what kind of emotion?

Do tears on a leaders face mean weakness?

Or are they serve as a reminder to forgotten society,

That at the end of the day we are humans.

When we care, we can’t help but make fools of ourselves.

Through gestures of love.

Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH love?

Some will say it’s a leaders fighting abilities.

When the going get’s tough, a leader is not afraid to take punches.


With so many followers suppressing their inner power

Their calling to be leaders in their own right

Can a true leader lead without doubt?

Without insecurity, will we believe that we posses enough?

And the questions keep coming…

They may say this, but what do you say?

If leaders are born, then followers are taught.

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