You give too much.

Therefore you feel too much.

Care for yourself too little…

But for another beyond reason.

Who taught you to fly with one wing?

How will you saw through the sky?

How will you ever break free,

If you keep on clinging to the destructive behaviors of the past?

Why we woman settle for less hoping that it will be more?

Why are we so…

The deeper my feelings grew.

The quicker my feet became.

Run but never hide.

Trust but not too much.

Care but not to the point that it hurts.

Love, but draw a line.

Too quick judge a book by it’s cover.

Quick to walk away once the secrets uncover.

What true colors are left for you to show?

I know you in all colors… HD

Black and white.

Love, but draw a line.

How could the one thing that makes you happy tear you apart?

How could the love of your life not be the one for you?

How can you not learn that putting…

Oh you make me so mad I hate it.

I hate myself for worry about you when you disappear.

The truth of the matter is…

You’re a grown ass man.

Capable of doing whatever, whenever…

Nothing can happen to you.

At least take notice of the little things.

Like how I go out of my way to make you happy.

Do the things I normally wouldn’t do even if they held a gun to my head.

Take notice of how I stack my tears away as soon…

And how you make me feel.

Why else would anyone miss someone so much?

You complete my personal life puzzle.

Solve the riddle I’ve had for most of my life.

Although I sometimes hate myself for being so dependant.

For loving you like a calm river with an unexpected waterfall awaiting.

Do you have any idea how many nights I lay awake?

How many meals I skip nowadays?

The music I used to adore doesn’t sound the same.

That feeling I used to get has died helplessly.

Please tell me one more time.

Let me hear that voice once more…

Do I even want to see you?

Be alone in the same room with you?

Lately all we do is point fingers and pull the trigger at each other.

Are we at war?

Am I the enemy that used to be your lover?

Are these the hard times we never anticipated?

Aren’t we supposed to break through it, conquer, like very other good couple?

Gone are the days when we thought we looked good together.

When every word that came out of your mouth was funny.

And our tiny arguments were cute.

Nowadays the question that keeps pounding my head…

It’s possible for me to feel lonely under the the deepest love

To feel cold under the warmest sun.

Possible for me to sleep while my eye’s are still open

For I am not the universe, just merely a part of it.

It’s impossible for me to be perfect in my own eyes.

Possible for me to be kinder to myself.

For I judge myself harsher than anyone has in the past.

Hurt myself in the worst possible way.

The standard I set for myself is sometimes too lofty for me to attain.

I honestly thought you’d be there for me.

That every stone will be thrown in my direction

Will be met with a shield.

However life isn’t as pretty as the picture we drew when we were five years old.

Not even close to the paradise of having a wallet full of coins!

What are the odds?

The chances of finding someone like you in this storm. My love,

You stood out from the crowd.

That’s why I worship the ground your feet walk on.

I adore the camera that took your picture.

For it captured a perfect moment and locked…

I thought I’d never hear your voice again

Or see you smiling at me from a distance.

There’s nothing I can do to make it better.

We were no longer together.

My mind wandered around the lonely streets of sorrow.

Wishing I could just cry and carry on.

Fall to the ground and stand up again.

There’s a thin line between love and hate.

Please don’t say that you hate me.

Tell me that there’s still hope for you and I.

Forgive me Father for I’ve done it again.

I’ve allowed myself to be driven into the darkness.

And have lost myself in somebody else’s love.

These emotions I feel are toxic.

I don’t know how to erase them from my heart.

Yes, I forgive easily.

Only because it helps me sleep without tossing and turning.

I knew I’d never leave him

From the first time he laid his eyes on me,

I looked away cowardly to conceal what I felt.

Although they call them butterflies,

I think…

I guess with you I should’ve left plenty.

How often do you hurt me?

This is your newly acquired skill.

Something you do so well with your eyes closed.

You hurt me

What was I thinking when I allowed you to come closer?

To promise me the heavens only to drag my soul to hell.

Maybe I’m cursed.

Maybe this ‘love thing’ isn’t for sensitive people like me.

When I love I love for real.

What I feel isn’t excitement or attraction.

I thought our connection was real.

How foolish of…

Sabina Masanabo

The best things in life are often forgotten. It’s about time we remember…

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