Coal India shutting down mines

37 Loss Making Mines to be shut

In my previous blog post I had mentioned about the fear of declining non-renewable resource and the fear of being in scarcity. Its a great story to tell along with the whipping up fear that the water resources are dying down.

I remember Dr. Michel Merzenich talk of the learning induced plasticity. How the human brain has this capacity to form neural pathways to take up new challenges that occur to us consistently. As humans we feel fear though we may not see it and tend to act accordingly.

Coal India realized that the deeper they had to go to get the coal out the more expensive it became and when the coal was out there in the market place at a higher cost they had to jostle with alternate energy which came at a marginally higher /lower cost.

Where did this alternate and green energy come from suddenly? That would a question one would have to ask. The power of market dynamics and price signals, the human inventiveness for substitution combine to work with many other forces to give us a better alternative at the right time.

We did not come past stone age because we ran out of stones and what will oil shortage result in ? If you ask me it will result in a much better future.

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