India needs to focus on Mining the Minds-Part 2 (Memory)

My first blog on this series India needs to focus on Mining the Minds — Part 1 spoke about how are education system is so so memory oriented that that the other skills like Attention, Processing and Sequencing is not given to the students.

Strengthening your memory is like accumulating resources. Being the mining sector I know that India is endowed with rich natural resources and we have to just put them to use just like how an average Indian child has to use the memory he/she is endowed with already.

Indians has abundance of natural resources but why do we spend our time and money by taking special interest in the coldest, remotest and most secluded regions on earth — Antarctica ? That’s perhaps to make sure that our future is taken care of. Whatever be the wisdom it reminds me of the thief who wanted to rob the jeweler and could not find and finally gave up and confessed his intent to the jeweler and wanted to know where the jewels were hid in the night. And the jeweler says “it was right under our pillow, all you should have done is search under your own pillow instead of rummaging through my bags”

Our government must look at the rich infinite amount of natural resources that have been bestowed in the minds of the people. It would be wise to mine the intelligence that we possess and processes them and value add and that is what will make India a great nation.

Less government and more governance is the need of the hour. As much as we need to ensure that the mining industry is operating withing the given framework the focus must be on developing the future generation. I would say if there must be more government and more governance as for the education sector is concerned.