Stop Using Halloween As An Excuse to Be Racist

As a person, I am by no means shook but Halloween scares the shit of me every year. As a self-proclaimed GothThot™️ you would think this is my dream holiday — an excuse to barely get dressed and make a lot of fun bad decisions. I will still turn up tonight most likely, but I will do so with the dread of running into someone with a shitty racist costume and possibly going to jail for knocking them out. As a Black and Indigenous woman, daily, I am hit with a barrage of psychically traumatic racial aggressions that I for the most part I am able to ignore but on Halloween it’s on overdrive. Halloween is basically Christmas for Racists.

There’s always that filthy scum segment of the human population who use this day as an excuse to let the world know that the United States is still just as racist as ever. Hoards of white men and women will choose to honor the genocidal acts of their grandparents by dressing up in outfits to commemorate such “USA-ian Classics” as — Indigenous Genocide, Slavery, Jim Crow, Lynching, etc. It’s mind-boggling to me that in 2016 (not that time has ever proven to be a remedy for stupidity), I have to write an article to say that it’s NEVER OK to dress up in Blackface or like an “Indian.” When the children of Settlers (who are also just as much considered Settlers via race,history, etc.) dress up as the population they have historically and continue to oppress and abuse, it’s an act of violence regardless of what day in October it is.

Especially now more than ever we are currently in a time in which the largest clashes between Settlers and Indigenous populations is at an all time high not just in the United States, but Canada, and Brasil. These clashes are a culmination of centuries long history of conflict, murder, brutality, and displacement. Though the mainstream settler narrative is that Europeans found this land uninhabited and kindly asked Indigenous people to disappear the real history is much more bloody and violent.

Millions of Indigenous people were wiped off the face of this continent mainly by the filthy germs of settlers and the barbaric acts of warfare that left millions of Native women, babies, and men dead. The Indigenous people who survived these first waves of disease and warfare were then tortured for engaging in any of their own cultural traditions. People like my own mother had their hair cut off and were abused for speaking our Native tongue. So perhaps it’s become a little bit more clear as to why it’s fucked up for Colonisers to make further mockery of our culture, traditions and humanity.

THOTS dressed up as Pocahontas: You don’t look cute, you look like a genocidal maniac. When Indigenous women are sexually abused and murdered at higher rates than any other population, these “sexy” Indian costumes are even more problematic considering the long history of rape and abuse Indigenous women have endured on these continents. Also…if you’re brown it doesn’t make this ok. In some ways it hurts more when minorities try to silence my complaints of them wearing a shitty representation of ME as a “costume” as we are all victims in the web of White Supremacy and should be working together to change fight against abuses of our cultures.

We feel this sense of cognitive dissonance as Indigenous people, it’s as if living in the twilight zone most times when people (white and non-white) openly disrespect your humanity.

It must be acknowledged that there is a much larger issue than Halloween — Halloween is just the catalyst and excuse for racists to act openly and under the guise of “celebration” but I can guarantee you that these people are racist and toxic all the other 364 days of the year.

I am continually told that “It’s Just a Costume” and to get over it as if our entire social milieu isn’t comprised of symbols that have been ascribed meaning. Costumes that are commemorating acts of violence against Black and Native people will never be ok and can’t be removed from their historical context.

Discussing the fact that there are problematic racists in our society will only help but to resolve the proliferation of their toxic, racist, ideologies. Ignoring racist phenomenon and calling me a “crybaby” for having legitimate grievances for people disrespecting my humanity won’t solve shit.

As always my plea to humanity is: do better, read a book, don’t be a dick.