Dreams of JA — a poem by Juan Antonio

by Juan Antonio

“Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.”

When I fell apart

Dreams put me back together.

When I lost all hope

Dreams gave me new life.

When no on believed in me

Dreams were my best friend.

When I found myself alone in the dark

Dreams fed me courage.

When I didn’t know the way anymore

Dreams were my destination.

When I couldn’t see myself

Dreams were my truth, my love, my every desire.

I’m continuing my work with Street Code Academy in East Palo Alto. Part of that involves leveraging my writing skills to help with the rebranding project for the community.

I found myself back in the writers group with a new prompt to get the mental juices flowing (I think I figured out her meeting structure too). With Monday being the birthday of Langston Hughes, we paid homage to him by using his “Dreams” poem as our prompt.

I live in my head most of the time and I can talk about the idea of dreams, their interpretation, the budding science behind it, or what my dreams are for earth and how mine fit in FOR DAYS.

That will have to wait for another time, but the poem I wrote has plenty of clues for future discussion.

I planned to write to poems, but the “Dreams” is the only one that came out…I think…

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About the author: Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle is a writer, entrepreneur and coach based out of Menlo Park, CA. He’s the Founder & CEO of Minds of Steel — a tech startup building fitness coaching software that helps you “Discover Your Inner Superhero.” He’s the author of A Superstar Love Story: Powering Through the Friend Zone.