“Love is Love” — A poem by Juan Antonio

by Juan Antonio

It’s. That. Simple.

With limits unknown

Efforts too far to roam

When you’re too far lost

In your made up dreams

Be love

Wake up before tomorrow

Real, faded or just a living dream?

There’s something out there for you

It won’t leave you if you show it how to lead

Look up

Love is love

The drought gets worse before you lose that thirst

One thing to see it, another thing to be it

Don’t lose yourself into ten different lost eyepieces

Don’t be someone else’s hidden jigsaw pieces

When you see the white skies

Hold onto that grip

Love is love

You won’t have a last kiss

No “just friends” and make-pretend here

Let this be the last time you’re left asking why?

There’s more than one way to feel alive

When you’re stuck in a self-made tailspin

Go all in

Love harder than the speed of light

Love until you see it crystal clear

No need to scream to hold dear

Let it go free

Before you’re on your own

Wear love Fearless on your sleeve

Even if they laugh from far and near

Even if they’re close and dear

Love is love

You’ll always see your fear

You’ll always be yourself

Love is love

You can thank the creative powers at StreetCode Academy for pulling this one out of me. We’re writing poems for a book we’re going to publish soon and this is what came to mind when I was asked to write on love.

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About the author: Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle is a writer, entrepreneur and coach based out of Menlo Park, CA. He’s the Founder & CEO of Minds of Steel — a tech startup building fitness coaching software that helps you“Discover Your Inner Superhero.” He’s the author of A Superstar Love Story: Powering Through the Friend Zone.