Introducing Mindshow

Create, share, and experience shows in VR

Have you ever wanted to become a character in a movie?

I’ve been working in visual effects for over 20 years and the first time I tried VR, it was like looking through a crystal ball into the future of not only visual effects, but all of entertainment and storytelling.

I’m tremendously excited to give you a first look at an app our team at Visionary VR has built to help enable that vision of the future I saw that day.

There are a lot of talented people working in the VR storytelling space, with a lot of great ideas. I can tell you from firsthand experience, that creating a story, either on film or with a computer is incredibly complex, time consuming, and expensive. The end result might be fun, but the process is anything but.

Until now.

Introducing Mindshow, an entirely new way to create, share, and experience shows in VR.

For us, shows are animated movies that can be anything from a bite-size moment to a longer, more complex narrative. The only skills you’ll need are the ones you’ve spent a lifetime practicing: communicating using your body and voice.

With Mindshow, you customize your set by choosing a world to inhabit and decorating it with props. You bring characters to life by becoming them. Your hands become their hands, your head becomes their head, your body and voice drive their performance. You can even change their expression to give them emotion. Everything you do as a character you can record and watch from any angle, walking around your performance as it plays back.

When you’re finished, you can share your show with friends and other Mindshow users on every major desktop and mobile VR platform — even on social media outside of VR. You can also discover shows other people make through our browser.

Because it’s built for both creation and distribution, one person can be an entire movie studio.

We can’t wait for you to start playing with it at home as we begin rolling out our alpha soon.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone on the team for helping bring this into existence. This is just the beginning of what we’re cooking up at Visionary, and you’ll hear a lot more from us soon!

– Gil Baron, CEO, Visionary VR

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