Welcome to Mindshow!

“…when you’re playing, nothing is wrong…”
-John Cleese, on creativity

When I first put on an early developer’s kit from the current generation of VR headsets, I knew we had an opportunity to do something unique — to touch the creative spark and sense of wonder that makes us human. That was the foundation upon which my co-founders and I began Mindshow.

In the time since then, we’ve grown our Mindshow team and product, and honed our mission. Through it all we’ve held on to that spark and how we connect around it. We’ve had the opportunity to grow our family to include an amazing group of passionate and insightful thinkers, makers, and investors, galvanized around our collective mission to inspire, empower, and enhance creativity. In turn, they inspire us to dream bigger and reach further.

Today we swing open the doors to make Mindshow available to anyone with an HTC Vive to download, play, create, and share.

It is at the core of our beliefs that when we are children, we live in a world uninhibited by judgment. We are unlimited in creativity, and boundless in potential and wonder. We learn to communicate by listening and experimenting — by trying on thoughts and words as freely as we try on costumes. We learn about roles, the world, and ourselves through play and communication with others. Play is the natural creative mode.

We often lose touch with this sense of wonder and play as we grow up. We sometimes devalue and lose the spark that pushed us to connect and share without inhibition.

At Mindshow, we’ve learned that we can rebuild this connection by fostering creativity as a means of communication. We do that by making the process of creation fun, playful, and magical. That creative energy can be a catalyst for thought, laughter, silliness, empathy, and connection.

Our incredible Alpha community of creators and players has shown this over and over. They’ve shown it in the millions of views of Mindshow content, the boundless and magical creative surprises, and the smiles peeking out under headsets as people let go, get creative, and play.

We want Mindshow to serve as a reminder of how fun it can be to play and create without stakes, to tell stories and share jokes, and to recapture and share that childlike sense of wonder.

We will continue to push the boundaries of possibility, to surprise and delight our users and viewers of content created in Mindshow, and to push ourselves to put a little bit of magic back in the world.

Mindshow is available for the HTC Vive on Steam Early Access for FREE — we’d love to invite you to come play with us!

– Gil Baron, CEO, and the Mindshow team