How do you like Uber’s new logo?

screenshot from

Shortly ago, I noticed a strange app logo on my screen, and it felt like never ending updating. Right, I mean Uber changed its rider app logo. Very soon the logo seemed familiar to me, so I dragged the icon and created a new tab:

screenshot of my phone

I didn’t understand. How could people tell it’s Uber with this new logo? Then I opened the Uber app, oh my eyes hurt:

screenshot of the welcome interface of the Uber rider app

That’s not funny, Uber.

Before we try to understand Uber’s new logo, let’s see how much Uber loves changing its font and logos:

bolder letters and narrower letter space
Uber logo in 2010
In 2012, the brand image is well-formed

That’s the Uber most people know, and we love love it!

Uber in 2016

According to Uber Newsroom, this change leaves the black-and-white Uber behind and embraces a new one that will function as a colorful transportation-based multi-service platform.

screenshot from

Uber’s willingness to build bridges across culture is moving; according to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, “Our new brand reflects that reality by working to celebrate the cities that Uber serves.” Come on, Uber, you can do better. After all, how much value is delivered to customers is the key measurement to its success.

For now, I see a vivid case of a-wishful-thinking-but-users-don’t-give-a-shit brand strategy.